Emerging Powers in Africa Initiative

Published on fahamu, by staff, July 2012.

Established in 2008, the Emerging Powers in Africa Initiative is a platform that promotes debate and knowledge through an African civil society dialogue. Aimed at understanding the comparative impact and engagement of emerging powers in Africa on issues of social justice, the principal objectives of the Initiative are: 

  • To nurture an African perspective on the emerging powers in Africa
  • To enable research to be undertaken on the political, social, economic and cultural effects of emerging actors’ engagement with Africa
  • To develop informed discussion and advocacy in Africa and the developing South on the emerging actors in Africa
  • To develop communication and cooperation between policy makers, academics, media and activists in Africa on emerging actors’ engagement with Africa

By developing appropriate capacity building initiatives for African CSOs and establishing a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, the Initiative promotes a deeper understanding of the relative influence and impact of emerging actors’ footprints on the continent, in comparison with other established actors at a national, regional and continental level. As a result, more informed discussions are facilitated to improve policy analysis and advance policy interventions .. (full text).


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