scheduled to take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, January 14-15, 2013, organized by the International Development Studies Group (Utrecht University), in collaboration with, (Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development) – Published on IS academie, by femkevn, July 25, 2012.

Call for Papers: abstract deadline = September 14, 2012:  

Please submit proposed abstracts of up to 250 words by email. Please include your contact details and save your abstracts with author name followed by GenderLand_2012. (e.g. Smith_GenderLand_2012). The deadline for abstract submissions is September 14, 2012.

The 2-day conference is aimed at drawing scholars and policy makers together who have been paying particular attention to gender dynamics in land governance processes. We are at an important juncture where many countries are experimenting with legislative change in land governance. It is imperative for the aims of social justice, equity, and poverty alleviation that gender perspectives inform these reforms.

The conference will include plenary panels of guest speakers from across academia and public policy, and a series of academic papers.

For more information please contact the organizers: Dr. Caroline Archambault (Utrecht University/University College Utrecht) or Prof. Dr. Annelies Zoomers (Chair LANDac, IDS, Utrecht University).

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