Index August 2012

2012-08-01: Behind the Great Firewall of China;
2012-08-02: Paleo Festival Nyon 2012: some Artists;
2012-08-03: The New Student Rebellion and the Mexican Left;
2012-08-04: Divide and Rule in the Land of Gold;
2012-08-05: Emerging Powers in Africa Initiative;
2012-08-06: The Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship FPAF;
2012-08-07: Russia’s largest Muslim region to clamp down on extremism;
2012-08-08: Vera’s Kidney, Walter’s Money: Desperation, Greed and the Global Organ Trade;
2012-08-08: FORUM DES CULTURES: Chanter contre l’excision;
2012-08-09: People as Surplus/Unnecessary Humans;
2012-08-10: Oliver Shanti and his friends;
2012-08-11: Farm Lands of Africa announces execution of an agreement …;
2012-08-12: Living with the Trees of Life;
2012-08-13: False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence;
2012-08-14: Developing Children;
2012-08-15: Defense Motion Details Horrific Conditions Bradley Manning Was Subjected to at Quantico;
2012-08-16: What If There Were No Police?
2012-08-17: Goldman Sachs Free to Keep Stealing;
2012-08-17: Une alternative urgente à la logique infernale du capital;
2012-08-18: A Fundamental Human Right: Ecuador Grants Assange Political Asylum;
2012-08-18: Mutilations Génitales Féminines MGF;
2012-08-18: Comité des observateurs des droits de l’Homme CODHO;
2012-08-19: again the Soweto Gospel Choir;
2012-08-20: Howard Zinn’s Zen Politics;
2012-08-21: USA: Smith Act trials of Communist Party leaders (1949 to 1958);
2012-08-22: There’s Only One Solution That Might Fix Our Corrupt Financial System;
2012-08-23: The Cost of Hunger: Drought Only One Factor Behind High Food Prices;
2012-08-24: Hedges and Sacco, A Twenty-First Century American Sacrifice Zone;
2012-08-25: Responsible farmland investing? Current efforts to regulate land grabs will make things worse;
2012-08-26: Toward a New Beginning – On Another Road, The Alternative to the Micro-Sect (1971);
2012-08-27: How to create your own NGO;
2012-08-28: Inside U.S.-Soviet Relations during the Carter-Brezhnev Period;
2012-08-29: Female Genital Mutilation: A Crime Against Women;
2012-08-30: Five Holistic Alternative Farming Methods: Agroecology at its Best;
2012-08-31: Can democracy exist without trust?

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