Can democracy exist without trust?

Watch this video, 14.05 min, on TED talks, by Ivan Krastev, FILMED June 2012, POSTED August 2012: Five great revolutions have shaped political culture over the past 50 years, says theorist Ivan Krastev. He shows how each step forward — from the cultural revolution of the ‘60s to recent revelations in the field of neuroscience — has also helped erode trust in the tools of democracy. As he says, “What went right is also what went wrong.” Can democracy survive? … (full text and comments).  


ISM’s response to the Rachel Corrie verdict, on International Solidarity Movement, with a Video (scroll down), updated August 30, 2012;

Within Special Cell of Delhi Police: A History of Falsifying Evidence, *Part 3, by Gareth Porter, August 29, 2012: In this three-part series, “The Delhi Car Bombing: How the Police Built a False Case”, award-winning investigative journalist Gareth Porter dissects the Delhi police accusation against an Indian journalist and four Iranians of involvement in the Feb. 13 bombing of an Israeli embassy car. Read also Part 1 and Part 2.

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