Report on linking Holocaust education and HRE to be presented to European education ministers

Received by e-mail: From: EU Fundamental Rights Agency, Date: 20/01/2010

From 26-28 January 2010, Ministers of Education from across Europe and further afield will come together in Auschwitz to commemorate 65 years since the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp. The Ministers will be presented with the findings of a new report by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency on the role of historical sites and museums in teaching about the Holocaust and human rights. Ministries in all 27 EU Member States were asked about Holocaust and human rights education in their respective countries as part of the study and on-site visits and/or teacher and student focus groups took place in 10 Member States. The report reveals that, despite the strong commitment to human rights education expressed in Ministries throughout the EU, teaching about the Holocaust rarely includes discussion of related human rights issues, whether in schools or at memorial sites.

For more information about the report and/or an interview with the one of the researchers please contact: The FRA Media Team,
E-mail, Tel.: +43 1 58 030 – 642 -

For more information about the conference and commemoration event please contact: Joanna Iwaszkiewicz, E-mail, Tel.: +22 34 74 312

Link: HREA.

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