Female Genital Mutilation FGM – in Egypt and the U.S.

  • Published on Europe News, by Asma Marwan, September 11, 2012 – FGM in Egypt: In the New Egypt, women fear the return of legal Female Genital Mutilation. The New Women Foundation in Egypt put the number of women who go through FGM to be around 86 percent, while government statistics, as recent as 2008, claim nearly 91 percent of women have undergone the procedure. Current Egyptian law bans the practice of FGM and gives prison sentences to any medical staff who performs the surgery. However, many families still go to underground clinics for their daughters to have the procedure, risking permanent scars and even death … (full text).  
  • Female genital mutilation on the rise in the United States, on United Nation’s Radio, Sept 11, 2012: Listen and download – Every year, three million girls and women across the globe are genitally mutilated … ;
  • United Nation’s Radio;
  • UN Population Fund UNFPA;
  • Female genital mutilation – It’s happening right here, on Mama Mia.com, by SENATOR MICHAELIA CASH, September 10, 2012: As Australian women, these three words make us recoil in horror. However for millions of young girls around the world, these three words represent an abhorrent act which will change their lives forever. And no, not for the better. Just three days ago, West Australian police charged a couple with subjecting their baby daughter to genital mutilation. This from The West Australian: … (full text).

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