Life in Bangladesh

  • A Woman’s Life in Bangladesh, 9.37 min, uploaded by thehungerproject, April 30, 2008: brief dramatization of the severe discrimination against women and girls in rural Bangladesh;
  • National Girl Child Day in Bangladesh, 1.40 min, uploaded by thehungerproject, Dec. 22, 2007: Each September 30th, The Hunger Project catalyzes an alliance of more than 300 organizations to organize events across Bangladesh to focus attention on the importance of halting all forms of discrimination against girls; 
  • Bangladesh Child Marriage, 21.31 min, uploaded by masnoon hossain, May 4, 2012 – a documentary by BBC’s Angus Crawford)^: It is estimated every three seconds somewhere in the world a girl is forced to marry against her will. In Bangladesh 20% of girls become wives before their 15th birthday. Now campaigners are stepping up their efforts to put a stop to the practice. The BBC’s correspondent Angus Crawford got exclusive access to one attempt to halt a wedding;
  • ISLAM IN BANGLADESH: 30% of girls married by 13yrs, 24.04 min, Uploaded by BarclayAvenue, March 3, 2011: The goverment of Bangladesh would like to do more for women but it fears it will lose power if it opposes the people. As the country is Muslim,most believe women should not hold jobs, be educated or appear outside the house unless chaperoned, as is mentioned in the Hadiths (Multiple Islamic religious groups in Bangladesh openly and explicity oppose rights for women);
  • Bangladesh Life – Village I, BBC, 26.11 min, uploaded by Azib Uddin, July 14, 2011;
  • Bangladesh Life: Ferryman on Buriganga River, 59.25 min, uploaded by Azib Uddin, Sept. 12, 2012: 57-year-old Colin Window, the bridge officer of the Woolwich Ferry travels to Dhaka in Bangladesh to train and work as a sampan ferryman on the Buriganga River (see Bangladesh Life);
  • BBC with Simon Reeve to Bangladesh, 47.37 min, uploaded by farzanastudio, June 11, 2012;
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh: Karwan Bazar fish market, 2.23 min, uploaded by bperren77, Febr. 2, 2012;
  • Video: Bangladesh, a remarkable improvement, making great strides, 4.05 min, on The Economist, Nov. 16, 2012.

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