Index December 23012

2012-12-01: Project, digital education;
2012-12-02: Retail in developing countries: Selling sisters;
2012-12-03: UK: Legal Services for Children;
2012-12-03: Père Maroun Attalah: Au-delà des identités meurtrières;
2012-12-03: Annemasse, ville en train de devenir partenaire de la Genève Internationale;
2012-12-04: Free Transit and Beyond;
2012-12-05: Palestine 2012: Gaza and the UN Resolution;
2012-12-06: In Tahrir, the beginning and End of a Pharaoh;
2012-12-07: Islamist Intimidation: The Battle for the Future of Tunisia, Part 1;
2012-12-08: Mali: the fight for the north;
2012-12-09: We Plant a Seed, We Grow Our Future;
2012-12-09: Filles et garçons, l’enjeu des différences;
2012-12-10: The Left in Government, a strategic project;
2012-12-11: Cautious Hope: A Moment of Dialogue in the Chaos of Congo;
2012-12-12: Ban FGM worldwide;
2012-12-13: Military Mission: Paris Pushing for Risky Intervention in Mali;
2012-12-14: more about Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab;
2012-12-15: Poverty and Social Exclusion Rising in Greece;
2012-12-16: 97% Owned;
2012-12-17: The story of Zimbabwe’s Marange diamonds: Pollution, Politics, Power;
2012-12-18: Workers in 10 countries call for an end to the silencing of workers at walmart;
2012-12-18: Verschuldung, Arbeit, Eurobetrug, Medienmanipulation;
2012-12-19: The five pillars of the growing inequality in the U.S.;
2012-12-20: Could you survive on $2 a day?
2012-12-20: La France signataire du Protocole facultatif au Pacte international relatif aux droits économiques, sociaux et culturels PIDESC;
2012-12-21: Message from the WSIS Team;
2012-12-21: Introduction d’une école communautaire au Bade-Wurtemberg (Germany);
2012-12-21: Upcoming courses on children’s rights;
2012-12-22: A Global Perspective on American Child Deaths;
2012-12-22: Youth Consultation: Addressing Inequalities in the Post-2015;
2012-12-23: Conference: Human Rights and Democracy in Action;
2012-12-23: Mutilations Génitales Féminines – au Nigéria et ailleurs;
2012-12-24: christmas songs;
2012-12-25: Religious freedom at a crossroads;
2012-12-26: Post-revolution policing;
2012-12-27: Wild Carpathia 2011 Land of Dracula;
2012-12-28: Esclave à cinq ans;
2012-12-28: Senate set to approve FISA spying bill;
2012-12-29: Workers in the Global North: A Labour Aristocracy?
2012-12-30: La Belle Verte;
2012-12-31: The Miracle of Wenchi: Ethiopian Kids Using Tablets to Teach Themselves.

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