Index January 2013

2013-01-01: IRAQ: No future for al-Qaeda’s children;
2013-01-01: 2013 Fireworks;
2013-01-02: Corporate Hijacking of Food and Agriculture;
2013-01-03: Education policies hitting teachers’ morale, poll finds;
2013-01-04: Golden Arches and Broken Dreams: American Cities Drown in Debt;
2013-01-04: En Égypte, le spectre du retour de l’excision;
2013-01-05: Ndiyindoda: I am a man;
2013-01-06: Ken Robinson: RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms;
2013-01-07: Special report UK: Female genital mutilation, unreported, ignored and unpunished;
2013-01-08: European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation 2013/2014;
2013-01-09: RSA Animate – The Power of Outrospection;
2013-01-10: I fought for my life … and won;
2013-01-11: Cloud surfing: US surveilance act grave threat to EU sovereignty;
2013-01-11: GERMANY and FRANCE, half a century of friendship;
2013-01-11: Rencontre & Soirée poétique avec ISSA MAKHLOUF,
2013-01-12: Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood: Who Really Holds the Reins in Egypt?
2013-01-13: How We Liberated A House;
2013-01-13: Excision / MFG en Afrique;
2013-01-14: Child recruitment by armed groups in Central African Republic;
2013-01-15: For people doing projects in the developing world;
2013-01-16: As Fracking Moratorium Nears Expiration, Activists Vow Civil Disobedience;
2013-01-17: Child Malnutrition: Need to rethink the strategy and focus more on Adolescent Girls;
2013-01-18: Rutherford Institute calls on Virginia General Assembly;
2013-01-19: still about land grab;
2013-01-20: The Lack of Critical Class Consciousness;
2013-01-21: Syrian children paying terrible price;
2013-01-22: Water Grabbing to Follow Food Speculation?
2013-01-23: USA: How To Defend the Public Sector;
2013-01-24: The African-American Army;
2013-01-25: MLK’s legacy and the labour movement;
2013-01-26: Democratic Republic of Congo DRC;
2013-01-27:  Performance videos;
2013-01-27: Exhibition at the United Nations Geneva UNOG;
2013-01-28: Is political sovereignty possiblewithout energy sovereignty?
2013-01-29: Tuttu’s Children: Episode 3, Getting to the heart of leadership;
2013-01-30: Whither Tahrir dreams?
2013-01-31: Algiers, a city where France is the promised land – and still the enemy.

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