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Reveived by e-mail, From: ngoShare Information, Date: 14 Jan 2013.

ngoShare is now live!  Almost two years in the making, ngoShare is a platform built to connect people and their projects for the developing world. You now have a place to find others doing the kinds of projects in places that are of interest to you.   

Please go to ngoShare now to create your free user profile. Then you can send Share Requests to describe all your projects, both ongoing and in the planning stages. As other members join and connect, you will be notified about new requests that have a close interest to your own – or when your projects match other member’s interests. Note that it will take a short while to ramp up the membership but soon you’ll be connecting with kindred spirits around the world that are as passionate about helping in the developing areas as you are.

We hope that 2013 will bring new collaborations, new connections and new opportunities to share! If you know anyone who may be interested, please share our great news with them.
The ngoShare team


Human Rights Council: 22th session, from 25-02-2013 to 22-03-2013, PN XX;

Committee on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families (CMW): 18th session, from 15-04-2013 to 26-04-2013, PW 1st.

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