still about land grab

  • Revealing the Next U.S. Land Grab, 25.25 min, uploaded by lonelantern, Nov. 30, 2012;
  • A beginner’s guide to land grabs, 1.53 min,  uploaded by by OxfamGreatBritain, =ct 4, 2012: Big land deals are tearing whole communities apart, leaving people hungry and homeless. It’s big business at a big cost. But the World Bank has the power to be a force for good. With your assistance, it can help protect the rights of the world’s poorest people;
  • LAND GRAB IN AMERICA, 89.03 min, by Deborah Tavares, Leuren Moret, &Roxy Lopez, uploaded by roxy777lopez777, August 2, 2012: This interview covers many aspects of a land grab scenario, Deborah Tavares reveals government source documents that we as citizens must all read. Leuren Moret speaks from the scientific aspects: WHY a land grab is in order and the ultimate effects on citizens. Roxy Lopez speaks from inside knowledge pertaining real-estate fraud, banking scandals, and illegal foreclosures of the American people;
  • London land grab, 2.07 min, uploaded by by OxfamGreatBritain, Dec 5, 2012: In poor countries an area of land the size of London is sold to foreign investors every six days. Most of these land deals are unregulated and result in poor communities being evicted from their land at no notice and without compensation. Unscrupulous deals are pushing people into poverty and hunger. The World Bank funds many big land deals and also influences how land is bought and sold. So this means it has the power to stop land grabs. Special thanks to the people of Putney who helped us grab their town;
  • Land grab on YouTube-search.

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