Happy Birthday, Educator: Ten Easy Lessons on How Not to be a Sucker

(first, don’t listen to almost Everyone) – Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Haeder, February 6th, 2013.

… Death of AM-PM Newspaper Warriors:

News – once my lifeblood – is now delivered –  fawning and bizarre folk like Steve Inskeep of NPR. Middle of the road stuff of the milquetoast Judeo-Christian variety. Absolutely insipid, lacking history, depth, guts and the ability to challenge the Powers that Be/Are/Will Be.  

The stuff being reported on is almost hands down, crud. Sanitized crap. All about marketers, the next big thing, the power couple, the big man on campus, the ever-self-promoting politician, the rich and famous and beautiful.

You hear someone like Inskeep, and, well, in my day, his style, delivery, journalism would be redlined and critiqued. A total necroscopy of what makes that guy tick . . . and all the others, from Cokie Roberts to David Greene, it’s just complete soppy middle of the road, pandering to some imagined liberal-Demo center-center.

Yet, news is controlled by just a few big and mini-monopolies, so we are supposed to bow to NPR and its listing center-right lean.

There is not one decent frame to consider the mainstream news. No juggling act. No smart devil’s advocate. Just the marching on of the dismal, the middling, the rot of “everything’s got to be sold.” No asymmetry.

It’s all about What’s the Matter with Education as in the great wrecking crew that has not only demolished average US citizen confidence in libraries, teachers, and the goddamned US postal service, no less! It’s turned Americans into fraidy cats, wimps, low sperm-count guys and Botox gals, everyone all shaved and tanned and one year away from his-her perfect reality show body.

What in hell is going on in J-schools, in these commercial eel traps called TV, radio, print, digital? We need more of the Reporters without Borders chutzpah –

These mainstream gals and guys just do not connect things, do not connect the dots, and then decide to feed us a daily stream of Top Ramen noodles and corn syrupy chicken nuggets. Nothing is connected. Nothing is deeply layered. No topics tie into other topics. Everything is siloed, compartmentalized, Balkanized.

I’m thinking about those stories yesterday, Feb.5, 2013. National Public (pesticide, petroleum, propaganda) Radio vis-à-vis OPB, Oregon’s feed and host of their own shows.

Random Topics Off the Top of My Head I Listened To – with no dots or connections or common sense tied to the realities of the world we live in.

Quickly, let’s look at the spin:

  • Mexico’s bats dying off, so there goes the tequila (and mescal is the hot new millennial-Gen-X thing)
  • University of California president (he’s job hopped in this role as president of several colleges) yammering about e-learning as the great salvation
  • Story on Puerto Ricans and Florida – why so many are immigrating here (note, as those above, lack of connection, causal relationships of many things driving this trend)
  • Idaho Falls lamenting the potential loss of their National Laboratory
  • Boy Scouts and gay kids
  • Department of Justice looking at S & P for mortgage backed security felonies
  • coal trains coming to Washington State, and, well, polls bear out most citizens want a depot or two to export dirty coal to China for our dirty products
  • those deregulated cell companies dropping signals galore during hurricane Sandy – people walking around like zombies trying to get a signal or some sign from the heavens
  • oh, the deficit, and that sequester, putting maybe two million out of work
  • oh, Obama’s and Holder’s green  light to kill any SOB they deem ready for terror . . . war is peace, lies are truth,  up is down . . . .
  • some Rockefeller official working on what to do now that Hurricane Sandy did its deed and entered into the small memory folds of   America – these storms will not be Black Swan events, but yearly . . . so, do we recover those barrier islands, move businesses and housing away, or do we play Whack the Mole over and over until we are bankrupted

Quickly, let’s look at the spin — And I’ll use bats and why we kill them as a microcosm of why humanity is cooked, and half-baked. Intended and unintended consequences. Obscene. Stupid.

1. Bats — Of course, a society or race of people – us – that can’t put a stop to killing bats – they eat so many millions of pounds of bugs a day, and, pollinate the famous agave – then who the hell are we? Hubris and self-deception and self-destruction.

Engaging Locals to Save Bats: … //

… (full long long text).

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