A campaign against FGM Female genital mutilation

  • Watch this video-interview, 29.10 min, published on Daily Motion, par Mohamed Gelle, March 9, 2012: Waa barnaamij la xiriira olole ka dhan gudniinka hablaha oo ay ka qayb qaadatay wasaaradda caafimaadka Danmark iyo ururo kale oo ay ka mid yihiin ururada somalida – sanadku waa 1997 , caqabada ugu wayn waxay ahayd iyada oo aanay ka qayb qaadan ololahan culimo ku sheega somliyeed ee Danmark, hase yeeshee waxaa ka qayb qaatayay dhammaan culumada kale ee muslimiinta danmark.
  • A campaign against FGM (Female genital mutilation) – an interview and a clip from a conference in the Danish parliament. This campaign against FGM was implemented with the support of the danish ministry of health and several other orginasation including the somali community in Danmark, the year is 1997 and one of the biggest challenges back then was to get the support of the somali religious leaders, but on the other hand we got the support of the large muslim community in Danmark as you can see in the clip from the confernece. 


Girls ask me if I can put their clitoris back: Midwife behind UK’s only female genital mutilation clinic recounts harrowing stories, on MailOnline, by DENI KIRKOVA, March 1, 2013;

FGM: Forget ‘cultural differences’ the practice of female genital mutilation is simple brutality: Female genital mutilation (FGM) isn’t just something that’s carried out in the deepest, darkest recesses of the globe. It’s a UK problem too, on The Independent, by SADAF QURESHI, March 6, 2013:

Sign the petition to end female genital mutilation here;

Livre: L’HISTOIRE CACHÉE DU PEUPLE AFRICAIN, par Gilles Gilbert et Dominique Kounkou, (Théologie et Vie politique de la terre, ANTHROPOLOGIE, ETHNOLOGIE, CIVILISATION HISTOIRE AFRIQUE NOIRE), Editions l’Harmattan, ISBN : 978-2-296-99258-0, juin 2012, 194 pages: A la croisée du dialogue des civilisations, cet ouvrage révèle des aspects insoupçonnés de la traite des Africains et de leur histoire, Prix éditeur: 19 € 18,05 € / 118 FF;

en français:

Conduite à tenir devant une excision constaté – ou en cas de risque chez une enfant ou une jeune fille mineure / Guidelines to react in case of FGM or in facing a situation of risk for a child or an underage woman
, dans European Institue for Gender Equality EIGE;

Algérie 360: Excision – plus de 140 millions de filles concernées dans le monde;

Les Manèges humains: au cœur de l’excision;

Excision au Mali: L’Association malienne pour le suivi et l’orientation des pratiques traditionnelles AMSOPT affine sa stragégie.

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