Water for Africa

Water for African Cities, uploaded all July-August 2011 by epitunhabitat unhabitat:

  • Programme Documentary, 25.19 min,
  • Burkina Faso, 11.00 min,
  • Ghana, 10.48 min,
  • Kenya, 12.50 min,
  • Mali, 10.51 min,  
  • Mozambique, 10.37 min,
  • Rwanda, 10.25 min,
  • Senegal, 10.59 min,
  • videos about Water for 23 African cities on epitunhabitat unhabitat / Water and Sanitation;
  • The ‘Water for African Cities Programme’ facilitates the adoption of measures to ensure access to environmentally sound water and sanitation service provision to the un-served, as well as improved access for underserved populations of the target cities. Through demonstration projects and capacity building interventions carried out in collaboration with national partners, regional and international financial institutions, the programme supports water supply and sanitation utilities, local governments, NGOs and communities to leverage resources for scaling up and replication at the country level.


Nairobi: In Africa, corruption dirties the water, on IRINnews.org, by Kenneth Odiwuor, March 14, 2013; http://irinnews.org/Report/97642/In-Africa-corruption-dirties-the-water

Creeping Deserts in Mauritania, 2.21 min, uploaded by IRINFILMS, Jan 21, 2009: In West Africa, the Sahara desert is growing by thousands of square kilometres a year and the search for water for people and their animals becomes ever more desperate. When I was young it was easy to get water, but not these days, said Alioune Modhi, a Mauritanian nomad. Sometimes I dig 12 wells and still dont find water. Its our biggest problem;

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