Corporatism or the true face of terrorism

Published on Axis of Logic, by Siv O’Neall, March 5, 2013 (also on Intrepid Report, March 29, 2013).

The world the way it looks today seems like a stage production by Corpocrats – inhuman monsters who have made the entire planet into their horror-story set. It appears like a creation by insane people, one that wouldn’t stand the light of day. And yet – there it is, our world, gradually becoming annihilated by those mad Corpocrats who are cheering in their hidden castles. We don’t know who they are. We don’t know where they are. All we know is that they are in the process of destroying the earth.  

The Corpocrats are the programmers who are robotizing the population of this planet, gradually reaching their tentacles farther and farther away from the Homeland. It started as a North-American phenomenon. But the giant octopus has by now expanded its territory into the farthest nooks of the earth. And it doesn’t stop. With its poisonous members it penetrates into the most far-away and isolated nooks and spews its black poison into the brains of the innocent people who have been living there in peace for millennia, telling them that it’s time for change. It’s time to become ‘civilized’.

Listen to the Masters: … //

… 9/11 as the follow-up of The Grand Chessboard:

  • Good robots go to the moon. Good robots are militarized to the teeth. Good robots conquer and kill. Good robots remake other humans who still have real brains, who can still feel love and sorrow, happiness and joy. What? says the Master. Who wants to feel sorrow? Watch television, take your drug, listen to the Masters who tell you about the terrorists who are out to get us.
  • All this did not begin with 9/11 2001. It had already been happening on a grand scale ever since the American continent was invaded by the European Conquerors. It never stopped. It just got worse. It was the old doctrine of Manifest Destiny, which said that American settlers were destined to expand across the continent. The Founding Fathers stood firmly by this belief. All U.S. presidents have taken this doctrine for … manifest, God’s will being the pretext for all of them. And so God got into the equation. And he stayed.

Then came 9/11: … //

What are we in today?

  • Today’s situation is so far from previous extinctions of tribes, peoples and entire countries that it is almost impossible to fathom. People wear their blinders and refuse to see what’s coming.
  • Today the Masters are all set on destroying the entire earth. What for? For short-term gain. So they can add a few billions to their already meaningless billions. Who are these psychopaths? They are the Corpocrats and the politicians who have been bought up by the multinational corporations. Are they giving any meaning to their lives? Of course not. They are in it for the kill, for the sense of ultimate power. And for the fear of being left out.
  • Their lies, their secrecy, their self-righteousness, their transformation of human needs and ambitions into lifeless Hollywood soap opera, making robots of the people, their abysmal lack of humane feelings – all these links of the Masters’ chains are what makes the whole monstrous plot possible.

There is no clash of civilizations: … //

… Is there possibly still a way out?

  • Can we still stand up and fight? Can we still join the rebelling, indignant masses in Europe who won’t put up with the austerity that is crippling their lives. The economic crisis is certainly not their fault and we should all join in with those indignados. Europeans still today seem to be less deadened by the propaganda and the illusions spewed out by the commercial media, the propaganda masters. The earth and all life with it are going down the drain – unless…
  • Point at the criminals. Point at the bankers and the speculators, point at the boys at the casinos playing fast and loose with food prices and currencies. Point at the politicians who let themselves get bought up by the Mega-Corporations and the corrupt bankers. Fire the politicians. Fire the bankers. Put the speculators in prison for life. They are not deserving of clemency. They are the ones who are responsible for the chaos we’re in. Corruption rules the world and the corrupt must be stopped from carrying their deadly project to a finishing point where all will be gone.
  • There are still countries that can bear their heads high. Take Latin America. Those countries are proud. They are forming alliances with Africa where people are suffering worse than anywhere else in the world. There is still some hope. A faint hope, but at least not everything is lost. Yet.
  • While the U.S. and Canada are fracking [5] and filling the earth with thousands and thousands of deep-drilled wells, our environment is being ruined. Nothing will survive after the continent has been transformed into a Swiss cheese and the entrepreneurs have gotten their last drop of shale gas out of the earth, just to restart drilling new wells the next day.
  • The Corpocrats have no idea of where they are going, where the world is going. They can only think of the next billion they are going to add to the other useless ones. What for? Not even they know.

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Siv O’Neall Sweden, on Axis of Logic and on World People’s Blog.

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