Kamalpha – Computerized Literacy Centre

a secular, apolitical, non-profit association:

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  • /Overview: Many countries in West Africa continue to display the lowest rates of literacy in the world. Burkina Faso is particularly affected by this reality with a literacy rate of 22% for adults of 15 years and older. The situation is even more unfavourable with respects to women, who in this same country have a literacy rate of 15%, whereas 29% of the male population is literate. These women, deprived of educational opportunities, are therefore constantly disadvantaged as they are denied access to technical training and jobs.  
    The philosophy of Kamalpha is rightfully based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where African women have the right to be considered as equal in every aspect. Kamalpha is both a method of education and a computerized approach to learn reading and writing skills. In addition, Kamalpha seeks to be an all-encompassing center for learning in areas as diverse as health and nutrition. Kamalpha is directed to women of all ages and mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    The objectives of Kamalpha are to contribute to increasing the literacy rate of women in Africa in order to reduce the gender inequalities in such a way that women can also benefit from the deep pleasure of being able to read an inspiring text or to simply be able to write for daily needs …;
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