Index April 2013

2013-04-01: Learning Outcomes Assessments: A Human Rights Perspective briefing;
2013-04-01: Sénégal: des députés pour l’abandon de l’excision2013-04-02: Challenges of the BRICS;
2013-04-03: Reducing unemployment: Lessons from Germany;
2013-04-04: Request for Proposal RFP no. LRQS-AMA-2013-9106153;
2013-04-05: Kamalpha – Computerized Literacy Centre;
2013-04-06: Monsanto announces huge profits despite public backlash;
2013-04-07: Making Disaster Pay;
2013-04-08: GLOBAL INVESTIGATION: Inside the Offshore Global Money Maze;
2013-04-09: NATO in the Arctic: Cowboys and Indians redux?
2013-04-10: Secret Pakistan;
2013-04-10: Female genital mutilation: the UK must act now;
2013-04-11: The Homeless Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets of America;
2013-04-12: Punishing children for poverty;
2013-04-13: good links remaining on my dashboard;
2013-04-14: Angela Davis, Freedom and the Politics of Higher Education;
2013-04-15: Bank-money and the betrayal of democracy;
2013-04-16: Chávez’s legacy, African solidarity and the African American people;
2013-04-17: Tribute to Chris Hani on the 20th anniversary of his assassination;
2013-04-18: Bleak future for Central African children;
2013-04-19: War on Whistleblowers;
2013-04-20: Reform in Egypt must start with women;
2013-04-21: UNICEF: U.S. kids worse off than many of their Western counterparts;
2013-04-22: Nicaragua Notes: The Watchmen, the Hunters and Gatherers, the Street Vendors;
2013-04-23: Built (Not) to Last: Hackerspaces Resurrect Broken Appliances;
2013-04-24: India/Chhattisgarh: The Bastar Land Grab;
2013-04-25: The United States shows its contempt for Venezuelan democracy;
2013-04-26: Why the Tsarnaevs? Why not?
2013-04-26: toujours l’excision/les MGF;
2013-04-27: Tackling female genital mutilation taboo in Birmingham;
2013-04-28: India: POSCO versus people’s claims;
2013-04-29: Egypt: Judgement day;
2013-04-30: A Grand Coalition for austerity in Italy.

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