Index May 2013

2013-05-01: A lethal cocktail for Africa;
2013-05-02: May Day 2013, workers of the world unite;
2013-05-03: The Life and Death of Words, People, and Even Nature;
2013-05-04: Back to basics;
2013-05-05: Divers In Paradise;
2013-05-06: Missed Opportunity? Hopes Pinned on NSU Trial May Be Dashed, Part 1;
2013-05-07: The Climate of Capitalism;
2013-05-08: UNRISD Conference: The true potential of the social and solidarity economy;
2013-05-09: Ai Weiwei Interview: I Want To Put Up a Fight, Part 1;
2013-05-10: Cuba: Letter to Fidel from FAO Director General;
2013-05-11: Mexican Worker-Run Tire Factory a Success;
2013-05-12: New Study Claims: Over 250,000 Died From 2011 Somalia Famine, U.S.-Al Shabaab Savagery To Blame;
2013-05-13: Good-bye Dubai? Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Facilities …;
2013-05-14: Who are the real criminals?
2013-05-15: Austerity Has Lost All Credibility & Threatens Social Upheaval;
2013-05-16: As Europe is provincialized: a reply to Etienne Balibar;
2013-05-17: Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours Of Loving Cuddles;
2013-05-18: Portugal’s Left Bloc Confronts Austerity;
2013-05-19: It’s time for Spain’s indignados to grow up;
2013-05-20: free or imposed Aid: help or meddling;
2013-05-21: Female Genital Mutilation FGM is not cultural, it’s violence;
2013-05-22: Challenging the Claim that Microfinance Loans Result in Poverty Reduction;
2013-05-23: Miracle in the Sahara: Oasis Sediments Archive Dramatic History, Part 1;
2013-05-24: Reinventing Guatemalan History;
2013-05-25: Tales in a Kabul restaurant;
2013-05-26: Declaration of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America ALBA;
2013-05-28: UK must hold separate inquiries into Iraqi civilian deaths, High Court rules;
2013-05-29: Cereal Banks Protect Against Famine and Empower Women Across the Sahel;
2013-05-29: The NHS clinics helping victims of genital mutilation;
2013-05-30: Signs of the Coming Revolution in America’s Education System;
2013-05-30: Ethiopia’s Bogaletch Gebre wins King Baudouin Prize;
2013-05-31: Upcoming human rights e-learning courses, June-July 2013.

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