Declaration of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America ALBA

Students, Youth Movements, Women’s Organizations, Labor Unions, Farmers – Published on Global, by staff, May 24, 2013 (Translation: Jordan Bishop, Canada).

First Continental Assembly of Social Movements towards ALBA “Hugo Chávez Frías” – Students, Youth Movements, Women’s Organizations, Labor Unions, Farmers: Declaration of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America ALBA.  

From the 16th to the 20th of May, in the National School Florestan Fernandes, municipality of Guararema, State of São Paulo, Brazil, with the participation of more than two hundred delegates from women’s, campesino, urban, indigenous, student and youth movements, unions and agroecological organizations from twenty-two countries, the First Continental Assembly of Social Movements towards ALBA was celebrated.

We came here as part of a historic process that brought us together in forums, campaigns, international networks, social sector groupings and various struggles within each of our countries, raising the same battle flags and sharing dreams of a real social transformation … //

… In this context, marked by imperialist initiatives on the one hand, but also by the opening of new possibilities with the perspective set out by the project launched by the governments of ALBA, the Coalition of Social Movements in the continent is needed more than ever before. We must meet the historical challenge to coordinate resistance and move to the offensive with original ideas and new proposals for models of civilization, which can recover the best traditions of our peoples:

  • We ratify the principles, guidelines and objectives of our first Charter of Social Movements, of building hemispheric integration from below and from the left, promoting ALBA and the solidarity of our peoples in the face of the imperialist challenge.
  • We declare our commitment to the project of Latin American integration, to continue our anticolonial, anticapitalist, anti-imperialist and anti-patriarchal struggles, based on principles of permanent and active solidarity among our peoples, through concrete action against all forms of power that oppress and dominate us.
  • We reaffirm our commitment to achieve the self-determination of our peoples and popular sovereignty in every dimension: be it territorial, food, energy, economic, political, cultural or social.
  • We shall defend the sovereignty of our peoples to make their own decisions concerning territories, natural resources, together with a commitment to defend the rights of Mother Earth.

We, social movements of Our America, call for:

  • The promotion of unity and regional integration based on an alternative, sustainable, supportable model, marked by solidarity, where the modes of production and reproduction are at the service of our peoples.
  • Re-launching the struggles of the masses and the class struggle at the national, regional and continental levels, in order to halt and to dismantle programmes and projects of neoliberal capitalism.
  • Establishing networks and effective coordination of popular communication, which will equip us to engage in the struggle of ideas, and to curb the manipulation of information on the part of corporations and the mass media.
  • Deepening our processes of political and ideological formation in order to strengthen our organizations, and moving forward with processes of unity that are consequent and consciously in accord with needed transformations.

At the same time:

  • We affirm our support and solidarity with the people of Colombia in this crucial moment in the process of dialogue and negotiation towards the signing of a peace agreement characterized by social justice, an agreement that would truly resolve the problems that gave rise to the armed conflict. We are monitoring the development of this process, and ready to collaborate and accompany the process in any way that the Colombian people need.
  • We affirm our support for the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, headed by Comrade President Nicolás Maduro, who represents the unequivocal popular will of the Venezuelan people as reflected in the elections of April 14 2013, in the face of continual attempts to destabilize the country on the part of forces on the right, who seek to overturn the sovereign decision of the people and create a political, institutional and economic crisis in the country.

This Continental Coalition of Social Movements towards ALBA is part of an emancipatory process, reaching from the Haitian Revolution to our own time, seeking to create a more just and profoundly human society. Our commitment is to continue the legacy of millions of revolutionary people such as Bolivar, San Martin, Dolores Cacuango, Toussant L’Ouverture, José María Morelos, Francisco Morazán, Bartolina Sisa and many others who in solidarity committed their lives to these ideals.

  • Reaffirming our own history, our Assembly is named after one of them, our Commander Hugo Chávez, whom we honour by taking up his struggle for unity and brotherhood among all the peoples of this Great, Free and Sovereign Fatherland.
  • ”The unity and integration of Our America is our horizon and is the path that we follow!”

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Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America ALBA:

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