Signs of the Coming Revolution in America’s Education System

The recent revolt against standardized tests as well as legislative concern over testing corruption are just some of the of the signs of an approaching education revolution – Published on AlterNet/EDUCATION, by Jeff Bryant, May 21, 2013.

It’s always hard to tell for sure exactly when a revolution starts,” wrote John Tierny in The Atlantic recently. I’m not an expert on revolutions, he continued, but even I can see that a new one is taking shape in American K-12 public education.

Tierney pointed to a number of signs of the coming revolution:  

  • Teachers refusing to give standardized tests, parents opting their kids out of tests, and students boycotting tests.
  • Legislators reconsidering testing and expressing concerns about corruption in the testing industry.
  • Voucher and other choice proposals being strongly contested and voted down in states that had been friendly to them.

Tierney linked to a blog post by yours truly, The Inconvenient Truth of Education Reform, explaining how the movement known as education reform has committed severe harm to the populations it professes to serve while spreading corruption and enriching businesses and political figures … //

… Intensity Is Building:

“Scared” or not, recalling Goldstein’s comment, activists driving protests against the nation’s prevailing education policies are ratcheting the fight to unprecedented intensity that will likely become even more forceful in future efforts.

Later this month, for instance, teachers in Chicago are planning a citywide three-day march to protest impending school closures. Education related bills in state legislatures in California, Texas, New York, North Carolina, and elsewhere will be highly visible points of contention. And actions to protest the imminent doubling of college loan debt interest rates – certainly an issue related to public education – are generating a unified response from hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Clearly, the resistance to top-down education mandates is building. The movement is propelled by forces far greater than what education journalists and policy leaders understand – widespread grievances about inequity, unfairness, and public disempowerment.

The revolt is happening. The revolt is now.
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(Jeff Bryant is an Associate Fellow at Campaign for America’s Future and owner of a marketing and communications consultancy, serving numerous nonprofits and progressive organizations and causes including Human Rights Watch, Doctors Without Borders, PBS, and International Planned Parenthood Foundation. He writes extensively about public education policy at and previously at Open Left. Follow Jeff on Twitter: jeffbcdm).


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