The Poor People’s Campaign: Our Next Steps

Published on Global, by staff, June 3, 2013.

… There is so much to write about that inspired us:  the courageous delegation of women from Selma, Alabama, who drove the entire night — after their bus was cancelled — to be able to speak in defense of voting rights, their rendition of Freedom Songs kept us marching and marching; the young children and participants with disabilities, seniors who walked with canes, who wouldn’t stop;  the families and victims of police terror, especially the tenacious and spirited group who came from the Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition in Oakland, California; the group of occupy youth and members of Guitarmy who marched all night; the organizers like Bob Ross, Prince Georges County NAACP head, who helped keep the march going; the OUR Walmart workers who inspired marchers to defy Walmart bosses and County Police and set up a picket right at the Super Walmart’s doors … //


Participants vowed to continue the Poor Peoples Campaign and reclaim Dr. King’s revolutionary dream. Many important proposals and initiatives were discussed and consented on during the weekend both before and during Sunday’s Peoples Power Assembly.

The first two in terms of immediate action were: support for the OUR Walmart call for a Freedom March to Bentonville, Arkansas, where workers and supporters will occupy Walmart on June 7, 2013.  The other timely issue raised was the defense of the voting rights act which is under attack in the Supreme Court and mobilizing around the 50th anniversary of the Jobs & Freedom March, August 24 to 28.

A special resolution was made to continue with the Poor Peoples Campaign and to fight police terror.

Participants concretely proposed a National “Virtual” Tribunal on police terror and mass incarceration in fall, connected to demanding Congressional hearings to indict killer police, end racism and mass incarceration and demand community control of police.  We will be issuing a special call on this

We want to prepare for a spring, 2014 Poor Peoples March to D.C. that moves from being symbolic to concretely expressing what Dr. King originally set out to do – Occupy D.C.  During that occupation we will deliberate on a poor and working class agenda for the people.   To help accomplish this, we want to build and multiply the Peoples Power Assembly Movement and urge people to hold workers, student, and community assemblies, where ever you are to move the people’s struggle forward.

In the spring of 2014, we want to call on groups, individuals, unions, to come to Washington D.C. to begin anew what Dr. King set out to do.  There is no better time now during this special anniversary year to push our plans forward.

Issued by the Baltimore Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Peoples Power Assembly.


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