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2013-09-01: Snowden leaks: NSA conducted 231 offensive cyber-ops in 2011, hailed as active defense;
2013-09-02: Syria: If Britain is unwilling to help the rebels, it should open its doors to Syrian refugees;
2013-09-03: Globe-trotting universities serve diplomacy and markets, not democracy;
2013-09-04: Yousef Alhelou reporting from Gaza;
2013-09-05: And Then There Was One;
2013-09-06: Humanitarian Links;
2013-09-07: This Bombardment of Syria Clichés Shows No Sign of Stopping;
2013-09-08: Welcome to Britain: Go Home or Face Arrest;
2013-09-09: with Noam Chomsky;
2013-09-10: Commentary: A future for the Brotherhood?
2013-09-11: Why Bernie Sanders Opposes U.S. Strike on Syria;
2013-09-12: 2 videos on civil disobedience;
2013-09-13: THE WORLD SET FREE;
2013-09-14: Can Africa tell its own stories?
2013-09-15: Teachers Striking Back in Chicago;
2013-09-15: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine;
2013-09-16: After Fukushima;
2013-09-17: Bold Swiss Ballot Plan Tries Economic Democracy;
2013-09-17: Shocking Confession;
2013-09-18: WHO (World Health Organization) refuses to publish report;
2013-09-18: Dirk Müller;
2013-09-19: Terence McKenna;
2013-09-20: Humanitarian Murder;
2013-09-21: They’re free, independent and ready to party in Chiapas;
2013-09-22: Beating Swords Into Solar Panels;
2013-09-23: Misconstruing a UN report;
2013-09-24: International Day of Peace;
2013-09-25: Mad, Mad, Mad World of At-Will Work;
2013-09-26: Patrick Bond on the Global Economy;
2013-09-27: UK: Buses may not be sexy, but they are a lifeline for our poorest citizens;
2013-09-28: Military Tatoos;
2013-09-28: EUPOLY;
2013-09-29: Egypt: The right gamble;
2013-09-30: The USA and Saudi Arabia: a monstrous relationship.

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The USA and Saudi Arabia: a monstrous relationship

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Published on Intrepid Report, by John Stanton, Sept 27, 2013.

According to Dave Ottoway, writing for the Foreign Policy Research Institute, “There is practically no civil society in Saudi Arabia. The country is run by the al-Saud royal family in partnership with a highly conservative religious establishment espousing a fundamentalist theology known as Wahhabism.   Continue Reading…

Egypt: The right gamble

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The interim government is trying hard not to alienate the poor … but more daring actions are needed to revive the economy – Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Sherine Abdel-Razek, Sept 25, 2013.

“High expectations are one of the problems facing the cabinet of Hazem Al-Beblawi,” says Sherine Al-Shawarby, professor of economics at Cairo University. “The public seems to think that a cabinet appointed after the second revolution in three years can work miracles overnight.”   Continue Reading…

in german: EUPOLY

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Fazit nach den deutschen Wahlen im Herbst 2013: Continue Reading…

Military Tatoos

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Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2013:

Ystad International Military Tattoo 2013:   Continue Reading…

UK: Buses may not be sexy, but they are a lifeline for our poorest citizens

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Published on Left Foot Forward, by MARTIN ABRAMS, Sept 26, 2013.

… On Tuesday the Office of National Statistics published statistics showing this is precisely what happened to bus services last year.

So far, there has been scarcely a murmur about it. The ONS figures show that in the 12 months to March 2013, passenger numbers saw an annual fall of 1.4 per cent – 2.5 per cent outside London. Bus fares went up by an average of 4.7 per cent. Outside urban areas, the increase was 5.7 per cent. Total bus miles are now 4 per cent lower than the 2008/09. The 20 per cent of total routes which are financially supported by local authorities are down 8 per cent for the second year running.   Continue Reading…

Patrick Bond on the Global Economy

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published on The Real News Network TRNN, by JAISAL NOOR, Sept 23, 2013 (including transcript): (Patrick Bond is the Director of the Center for Civil Society (za) and Professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Bond is the author and editor of the recently released books, Politics of Climate Justice and Durban’s Climate Gamble):

Mad, Mad, Mad World of At-Will Work

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Teachers Thrown Under the Bus, Parents Facing a Decade in Jail for Speaking Out – Published on Dissident Voice, by Paul Haeder, September 23, 2013.

Let’s call this adjunct worker looking for work, Chip. You know him or her – chip off the old block. He or she is looking for work, err, well, it’s a calling, teaching, and no one ever said you should get paid for a calling. A passion? “You pay, dude, like a hobby. Remote control planes, my thing, and, well, teaching is your thing . . . your calling. So pay, dude? Give us a break — no one said life was fair.”  He or she is past 40, could be mid-fifties, or even closer to hip replacement or amputation years. Forty or Eighty-five, is there a difference?  Continue Reading…

International Day of Peace

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Published on, (Sources: UN Department of Public Information), Sept 21, 2013.

21 September 2013 is the thirteenth International Day of Peace. The United Nations General Assembly decided (in resolution 55/282) on 7 September 2001 that, beginning in 2002, the International Day of Peace should be observed on 21 September each year. The Assembly declared that the Day be observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, an invitation to all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities during the International Day of Peace.   Continue Reading…

Misconstruing a UN report

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the latest neocon tactic of misinformation – Published on Intrepid Report, by Wayne Madsen, Sept 20, 2013.

The UN in Geneva has released its long-awaited report on the use of chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb of Ghouta on August 21. The UN concluded:

  • 1. Sarin gas was used in the attack.
  • 2. The attack used at least two surface-to-surface rockets
  • 3. One of the warheads containing sarin held 56 liters of the deadly chemical.   Continue Reading…

Beating Swords Into Solar Panels

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Re-Purposing America’s War Machine – Published on Zcommunications (first on, by Mattea Kramer and Miriam Pemberton, Sept 20, 2013.

A trillion dollars. It’s a lot of money. In a year it could send 127 million college students to school, provide health insurance for 206 million people, or pay the salaries of seven million schoolteachers and seven million police officers. A trillion dollars could do a lot of good. It could transform or save a lot of lives. Now, imagine doubling the money; no, tripling it. Continue Reading…

They’re free, independent and ready to party in Chiapas

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Published in The Seattle Times/blog, by Brian J. Cantwell, Sept 17, 2013.

… The parade, which featured high-school bands, angry teachers and what must have been just about every unit of the Mexican military, along with their mortars and bazookas, was the finale of a brisk 24 hours of Mexican patriotism. Mexicans reserve the biggest splurge of celebrating for the night before Sept. 16, their official day of independence.   Continue Reading…

Humanitarian Murder

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Published on War Is A, by David Swanson, Sept 16, 2013.

This past Sunday night on “60 Minutes” John Miller of CBS News said, “I’ve spoken with intelligence analysts who have said an uncomfortable thing that has a ring of truth, which is: the longer this war in Syria goes on, in some sense the better off we are.”

Now, why would that be uncomfortable, do you suppose?  Could it be because encouraging huge numbers of violent deaths of human beings seems sociopathic?   Continue Reading…

Terence McKenna

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Dirk Müller

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von 62cherry99 im July-August 2013 hochgeladen:

Ich habe keine Lust mehr, 6.53 min;

am 1. Juli 2013 bei Volle Kanne: Teil 1/3, 14.31 min; Teil 2/3, 14.31 min; Teil 3/3, 7.23 min: der DAX feiert 25. Geburtstag, ein guter Anlass, um Börsenexperte Dirk Müller einmal mehr zum Frühstück einzuladen. Mister DAX ordnet außerdem den EU-Beitritt Kroatiens ein.

WHO (World Health Organization) refuses to publish report

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… on cancers and birth defects in Iraq caused by Depleted Uranium Ammunition – Published on (first on Global, by Denis Halliday, September 15, 2013 (the World Health Organisation (WHO) has categorically refused in defiance of its own mandate to share evidence uncovered in Iraq that US military use of Depleted Uranium and other weapons have not only killed many civilians, but continue to result in the birth of deformed babies).

This issue was first brought to light in 2004 in a WHO expert report “on the long-term health of Iraq’s civilian population resulting from depleted uranium (DU) weapons” … // Continue Reading…

Shocking Confession

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David Rockefeller’s Shocking Confession, 0.31 min, uploaded by StopTheRobbery2, November 7, 2010: feel free to repost, share, favourite and rate.


David Rockefeller on en.wikipedia;

about david rockefeller’s shocking confession on YouTube-search.

Bold Swiss Ballot Plan Tries Economic Democracy

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watch this video, 7.08 min, uploaded by afsupporter, Oct. 12, 2013:

  • ROUGEMONT, Canada—AMERICAN FREE PRESS roving editor Mark Anderson recently met with Swiss economist Francois de Siebenthal in Quebec during an annual “Economic Democracy” conference. Mr. de Siebenthal , whose work has aided economic recovery initiatives in The Philippines, among other places, explained the basics of a citizen movement in Switzerland to abolish traditional welfare in favor of a “dividend” system that would provide a basic income for all Swiss inhabitants.
  • The movement consists of a Swiss ballot initiative that needs at least 100,000 valid signatures by October 2013. If approved by the majority of the 26 Cantons and by overall popular vote, the federal level of the Swiss government would then review and process it. If all goes as planned, this unorthodox measure, in a world being swallowed up by debt and subjected to conventional economic models that never work well, could be enacted into law. If so, this model would be the first of its kind to be tried.

DEMOCRACY IN ACTION? 10 Weird Examples Of The Swiss Referendum System In Action, on Business Insider, by SANYA KHETANI, Feb 21, 2012.

(see also: Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

After Fukushima

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The six essential features of the revolution in the nuclear power decision- making process for the 2010-2020 decade, from GEAB No. 55 (May 2011), a longer excerpt made public Septembre 4, 2013.

… The world is here today:

Operators, investors and opponents of nuclear power, as well as policymakers, are wondering what will be needed to be done tomorrow, what trends will prevail and the choices available to them. It is precisely what the LEAP/E2020 team modestly intends to anticipate in the second part of this analysis with the six essential features in the revolution of the nuclear power decision-making process for the 2010-2020 decade.   Continue Reading…

Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine

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(already on HBB’s blog, July 9, 2013):

Published on Dissident Voice, by ClassWarFilms, July 6, 2013 … and on YouTube, 22.51 min, uploaded there by ClassWarFilms, February 13, 2012: a brief and crucial history of the United States.

Links for ClassWarFilms: see them on Economy and Society.

Links for the guy who stops the machine: Continue Reading…

Teachers Striking Back in Chicago

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There are lessons for the wider union movement here. … At a time when strikes are rare and union membership is shrinking the CTU’s boldness stands out – Published on AlterNet/LABOR, by Lee Sustar, September 10, 2013 (… an excerpt of the book Striking Back in Chicago: How Teachers Took on City Hall and Pushed Back Education Reform, ISBN: 9781608463350, Published: November, 2013. Type: Paperback, Publisher: Haymarket Books, Price: $16.00).

… For nine days, teachers congregated at busy intersections, protested companies that reap tax benefits while school budgets are cut and marched through African American neighborhoods hardest hit by school closures. It was impossible to go anywhere in the city without encountering a picket line. Teachers couldn’t walk down the block without honks of support from passing cars, greetings from passersby, or enter a corner store without getting offers of free water, coffee and food.  Continue Reading…

Can Africa tell its own stories?

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Published on Pambazuka News, by Simon Allison, Sept 11, 2013.

One of Africa’s biggest problems is that it is not allowed to tell its own stories. There are imperfect solutions such as content-sharing agreements among journalists but ultimately Africa must set its own news agenda.

There is not a lot of money in African journalism. As an African journalist, I know this all too well. An illustrative example: I was in South Sudan in November 2012, on a trip I was financing myself. Weeks in flea-ridden hostels culminated in a four-day stay at a refugee camp near the border with Sudan.  Continue Reading…


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AudioBook by H.G. Wells – FULL, 491.19 min (8h 11min 19sec), uploaded by GreatestAudioBooks, Feb 5, 2013: … is a novel published in 1914 by H. G. Wells. The book is considered a prophetical novel foretelling the advent of nuclear weapons. A constant theme in Wells’s work, such as his 1901 nonfiction book Anticipations, was the role of energy and technological advance as a determinant of human progress. The novel opens: “The history of mankind is the history of the attainment of external power. Man is the tool-using, fire-making animal.” Scientists of the day were well aware that the slow natural radioactive decay of elements like radium continues for thousands of years, and that while the rate of energy release is negligible, the total amount released is huge. Wells used this as the basis for his story. The World Set Free, on

(see also: Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

2 videos on civil disobedience

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Find civil disobedience also:   Continue Reading…

Why Bernie Sanders Opposes U.S. Strike on Syria

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Published on The Progressive, by Matthew Rothschild, September 9, 2013.

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont spoke out forcefully against a U.S. war on Syria over the weekend.

Speaking at a fundraiser in Madison, Wisconsin, Friday night, Sanders said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was “a butcher of the worst kind.” But Sanders added: “To get involved in a bloody and complicated war in Syria makes no sense at all. We would reap consequences we can’t imagine.”   Continue Reading…

Commentary: A future for the Brotherhood?

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After its disastrous year in power in Egypt, what could the future hold for the Muslim Brotherhood – Published on Al-Ahram weekly online, by Mohamed Hussein Abul-Ela, Sept 4, 2013.

The Muslim Brotherhood regime has gone and has vanished from the political arena, and it has now become just a tragic national memory in the collective subconscious. The slogans intending to profit from religion have disappeared, and reality has manifested itself in all its ugliness, as telling lies was used in place of honesty.  Continue Reading…

with Noam Chomsky

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(Q & A with) Noam Chomsky (May, 2013): Syria, Hezbollah, Revolution, Ireland, Austerity, Climate Change, etc, 25.00 min, uploaded by Leftist Videos, Sept 4, 2013: NEW Interview of Noam Chomsky on Syria, Hezbollah, Revolution, Ireland, Austerity, Climate Change, and various other topics;

Chomsky explains why Hitchens and Horowitz reversed everything they believed, 12.39 min, uploaded by Leftist Videos, March 4, 2013 (recorded March 1989): Noam Chomsky talking about the similarities between Bolshevism and Capitalism;

Links:   Continue Reading…

Welcome to Britain: Go Home or Face Arrest

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Published on openDemocracy, by John Grayson, Sept 6, 2013.

For decades racists have yelled “Go Home” at minority ethnic and Black people. Now the government is doing it in a reviled and provocative advertising campaign aimed, ostensibly, at ‘illegal immigrants’. John Grayson reflects on a nasty piece of work.
(See also We all belong to Glasgow – Refugees Are Welcome Here) … //

… Decent working people: … //

… New Labour’s contribution: Continue Reading…

This Bombardment of Syria Clichés Shows No Sign of Stopping

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Politicians all around the world discuss war with the very tiredest of language – Published on The Independent (also on ZNet), by Robert Fisk, September 5, 2013.

… And get this. Obama is not asking America to go to war, but to “degrade and deter” Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons. We first got “degrade” in the 1991 Gulf war, then we got it again when Nato fired weapons at Milosovic’s chums in Serbia (targets, you may remember, that included a TV station, an express train and a hospital). And “the costs of inaction are greater and graver still” – this from Democratic chairman of the Senate committee, Robert Menendez. But is this true? Continue Reading…

Humanitarian Links

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(see also: Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

And Then There Was One

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Delusional Thinking in the Age of the Single Superpower – Published on ZNet (first on TomDispatch), by Tom Engelhardt, September 03, 2013.

In an increasingly phantasmagorical world, here’s my present fantasy of choice: someone from General Keith Alexander’s outfit, the National Security Agency, tracks down H.G. Wells’s time machine in the attic of an old house in London. Britain’s subservient Government Communications Headquarters, its version of the NSA, is paid off and the contraption is flown to Fort Meade, Maryland, where it’s put back in working order. Alexander then revs it up and heads not into the future like Wells to see how our world ends, but into the past to offer a warning to Americans about what’s to come … // Continue Reading…

Yousef Alhelou reporting from Gaza

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Yousef Alhelou Reporting From Gaza, on RealNews Network:

Globe-trotting universities serve diplomacy and markets, not democracy

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Published on openDemocracy, by JIM SLEEPER, September 1, 2013.

American liberal arts colleges are embracing collaborations with authoritarian regimes worldwide, with implications for US foreign policy. Following up his op-ed in the New York Times on Sunday, Jim Sleeper reports on the issue in greater depth in this openDemocracy essay … //

… It’s one thing, and probably a good thing, for Western research universities to set up research projects and programs in law, business, medicine, and technical training in a wide variety of societies. Nearly 250 are doing so, eight in Kazakhstan alone (including Duke, Carnegie Mellon, the University of Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh, as well as Wisconsin), dozens in the United Arab Emirates and China, a dozen in Singapore.    Continue Reading…

Syria: If Britain is unwilling to help the rebels, it should open its doors to Syrian refugees

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Published on Left Foot Forward, by James Bloodworth, AUGUST 30, 2013.

While politicians were splitting hairs over UN weapons inspections last night, a Syrian government fighter plane was preparing to dump its lethal payload on a Damascus primary school.

A video of the incident emerged as if to coincide with the parliamentary vote not to punish the use of chemical weapons by the Assad government, with camera footage emerging showing children fleeing the scene of the outrage with napalm-like burns on their bodies.   Continue Reading…

Snowden leaks: NSA conducted 231 offensive cyber-ops in 2011, hailed as active defense

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Published on Russia Today RT, August 31, 2013 (see also: Welcome to our new blog: politics for the 99%).

US intelligence carried out 231 offensive cyber-ops in 2011, nearly three-quarters of them against key targets such as Iran, Russia, China and N. Korea, as well as nuclear proliferation, a classified report obtained by The Washington Post says.

The “most challenging targets” also include suspected terrorists “in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, and other extremist safe havens,” according to one list of priorities. US budget documents describe the attacks as “active defense.”   Continue Reading…