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Index October – December 2013

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2013-10-01: Wall Street to Planet Earth: We Don’t Mind and You Don’t Matter;
2013-10-02: Ms. Kalashnikov: The Women Rebels of Congo;
2013-10-02: West may fail to bring Syrian opposition to Geneva talks in time – Lavrov;
2013-10-03: Chaos in Rome: Berlusconi Tricks Spark Fear in Europe;
2013-10-04: The resource curse, or the paradox of poverty from plenty;
2013-10-05: Diplomatic Meddling? President Maduro takes action against the U.S. State Department;
2013-10-06:’s weekly newsletter;
2013-10-07: American exceptionalism as exemplified by US international lawlessness;
2013-10-08: From Pension Fund Socialism to Pension Fund Capitalism?
2013-10-08: Demokratischer Kapitalismus?
2013-10-09: United Nation’s calendar of all conferences and meetings;
2013-10-10: Sudanese women: you can beat us but you cannot break us;
2013-10-11: On Shutdown, Waning US Influence, Syrian Showdown;
2013-10-12: MA in Human Rights Education;
2013-10-13: Syria: Executions, Hostage Taking by Rebels;
2013-10-14: Saving African dictators from the ICC;
2013-10-15: Time to get food system back: Farmers locked in pesticide treadmill bring no yield;
2013-10-16: Fighting the Stupid Revolution;
2013-10-17: US: Are Black teachers becoming extinct nationally?
2013-10-18: To Be a Syrian Refugee in Egypt;
2013-10-19: Premalatha’s story – plus HR courses;
2013-10-20: A Nation Brought to the Verge of Ruin;
2013-10-21: The Big Debate;
2013-10-22: Fresh Leak on US Spying: NSA Accessed Mexican President’s Email;
2013-10-23: In Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples;
2013-10-24: World needs to turn plans to end child labour into urgent action;
2013-10-25: The troubled path to Geneva;
2013-10-26: Elusive stability;
2013-10-27: less work,
.mes dessins - moyen grands0001 (19) 30p;
2013-11-06: Congo’s M23 rebels call off revolt;
2013-11-08: Dialogue à Genève: Cultiver la Paix;
2013-11-10: The Kids Britain Doesn’t Want;
2013-11-14: INMANNED America’s Drone Wars;
2013-11-19: The Aristocrats: BBC 1999, Full;
2013-11-22: You Have 28 Thousand Days;
2013-11-26: Computer Hackers;
2013-11-28: la naissance du mal;
2013-12-03: mixed links on my dashboard, in en/fr/de;
2013-12-06: Nelson Mandela – 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013;
2013-12-15: Local Communities vs Economic Development in Ecuador;
2013-12-20: Green Rush: How big agriculture is carving up Africa for industrial farmland;
2013-12-30: Luxemburg, Lenin, Levi: Rethinking Revolutionary History;
2013-12-31: some December-links on my dashboard.
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some december-links on my dashboard

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Mali – report from ETC: The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster ETC in Mali establishes and maintains essential communications services so that the relief community has the support to do what is does best – save lives, on relief web (first on ICT.wfp/Homepage), Dec 30, 2013;
Website of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster ETC, on ITC/Cluster: (ETC mandate – To provide timely, predictable and effective Information Communications Technology services to support humanitarian community in carrying out their work efficiently, effectively and safely);    Continue Reading…

Luxemburg, Lenin, Levi: Rethinking Revolutionary History

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Watch the video, 16.16 min, published on Socialist, moderated by Jackie Esmonde, December 14, 2013:

John Riddell, editor of Toward the United Front: Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International;
Paul Kellogg, author of The Only Hope of the Revolution is the Crowd: The Limits of Žižek’s Leninism, International Journal of Žižek Studies.

Green Rush: How big agriculture is carving up Africa for industrial farmland

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Published on Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab, by Richard Schiffman, Dec 17, 2013.

There is a gold rush happening in Ethiopia, but it’s not a hunt for the yellow metal. It’s a quest for the green gold of fertile farmland. A nation more associated with periodic famine and acute childhood malnutrition than with agricultural bounty is leasing millions of hectares – an area the size of Belgium – to foreign companies, who want to grow and export food to places like Saudi Arabia, China, India, and Europe.   Continue Reading…

Local Communities vs Economic Development in Ecuador

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Watch this video, 11.59 min, on The Real News Network TRNN, by Oscar Léon, Dec 12, 2013.

Transcript: OSCAR LEÓN, TRNN PRODUCER: Indigenous communities and the affected local communities have opposed this mining initiative for many years now and have protested against it all around the country. This has led to a split between Correa, ecologists, some student groups, and the indigenous confederations, all of which were his former allies. Correa has inherited a long-standing challenge to regulate artisanal mining, and in many cases he has assumed the unpopular task of imposing mega mining projects to some local communities, like this one in San Jose de Intag, Imbabura Province, in the north of Ecuador. The local population is also worried about the consequences of an open pit mine.   Continue Reading…

Nelson Mandela – 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013

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mixed links on my dashboard, in en/fr/de

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in english: