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  • Berhane Tewolde-Medhin – Geneva-Switzerland




  • Telecommunications to save lives
  • UN/GENERAL ASSEMBLY, statement on the terrorist bombings in Algeria



  • Registration to Cluster of WSIS Related Events
  • Tchad’s Environnement


  • First session of the Advisory Committee of the HRC
  • Social Forum 2008
  • Georgia: the aid effort continues
  • UN Special Rapporteur on indigenous people concludes visit to Brazil
  • OHCHR calls for restraint in Indian administered Kashmir


  • Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
  • RALLYE DES NATIONS – Découvrir le Genève International
  • Opening Satement of Human Rights Council HRC
  • United Nations Multimedia Services
  • Invitation to meeting with HRC President


  • Available documentation – OHCHR …
  • Statement by 13 UN experts on global Detention Initiative
  • On promises to fight racism and intolerance
  • Minority Forum, 15-16 Dec. 2008: Invitation
  • NGO Statement, Agenda Item 4: GENERAL DEBATE
  • McCain and The Evil Empire
  • The Durban Review Conference 2009


  • Seminar on Women’s and Girl’s Rights in Islam
  • J’ai refusé l’excision de ma fille à Genève
  • UN Experts’ Call on Italy
  • Investing in sanitation is investing in human dignity
  • UN human rights chief calls for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza
  • ITU launches initiative to protect children online
  • Combating impunity vital in effort to eliminate violence against women
  • Violence against Iraqi women continues unabated
  • Slavery is not history
  • Accreditation to the 8th special session of the HRC on 28-11-2008
  • Les hommes libres – DOGMA 6, la force de la femme
  • Keeping the Promise: Human Rights and AIDS


  • United Nations Human Rights Prize 2008
  • UN Mission in Iraq issues human rights
  • UNPAN News Alert – November 2008
  • Financing People-Centered Development
  • Missed opportunities in Doha …
  • Somalia: UN expert gets the human rights picture …
  • Forum on Minority Issues
  • Accreditation to the Commemorative session
  • Closing a historic gap in human rights
  • CAT (Convention against Torture), 41st session (3-21 Nov 2008)
  • Nicaragua: confirming land ownership for indigenous group
  • UN experts welcome the closing of Guantanamo Bay



  • process of negotiations … of the Durban Review Conference
  • Workplan ISWG, meeting with NGOs on 20 January 2009
  • Policy Brief No.5 – Financial Crisis
  • HRC’s Universal Periodic Review Working Group


  • Universal Periodic Review UPR of the Human Rights Coucil HRC


  • 10th session of the HRC of 2 to 27 March 2009


  • Human Rights Education … at the 10th session of the UN Human Rights Council
  • In Geneva – emergency accommodation …
  • Ripples of change through human rights education
  • Vacancy: Librarian with OHCHR Methodology, Education and Training Unit (Geneva)
  • the Durban Review Outcome Doc


  • Report on the right to education of persons in detention
  • Online collaborative teaching tool by Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation
  • E-Business and Poverty Alleviation
  • HRE curriculum guide for schools in South Africa now available
  • Vacancy: Africa HRE Project Manager with Amnesty International
  • ICT for development in India
  • CHR chief seeks help of teachers
  • ITU Telecom World 2009
  • ITU Telecom World 2009
  • OHCHR opens new regional human rights hub in Doha


  • Pavilion Power at WORLD 2009
  • UN’s HR – Calendar of Meetings 2009
  • World Program for Human Rights Education WPHRE


  • Advisory Committee discusses draft Declaration on human rights education and training
  • Human Rights Council Advisory Committee
  • Vacancy, Kabul: Human Rights Education Consultant
  • UNESCO’s Slave Route project seeks to clarify consequences of slave trade
  • Climate Change and Development – Global Responses and Policy Challenges


  • Parallel Meetings to the 12th Session of the HRC
  • Arab Intellecual Property website
  • Last Human Rights Council’s general debates


  • The Arab Coalition for Darfur
  • NGO Statement to the Ad Hoc Committee on Complementary Standards
  • Stoppez les affiches racistes


Since 11/2009 and the following months:

2009-11-03: e-learning course: Introduction to Human Rights Education;
2009-11-04: The HREA e-Learning Centre offers new courses;
2009-11-07: Making the world a better place;
2009-11-08: Annual Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education;
2009-11-08: Online workshop – The Reckoning: Understanding the International Criminal Court;
2009-11-10: Short Course on International Human Rights Law;
2009-11-10: La Lettre d’information de la LDH n°27;
2009-11-11: Call for COMMITMENTS to be anounced at CONNECT CIS;
2009-11-12: Citizenship Education Longitudinal Study CELS – 2001 to 2010;
2009-11-17: Cours de formation sur le système universel des droits humains et le plaidoyer;
2009-11-18: UHRIC campaign shares HRE teaching materials;
2009-11-19: OHCHR: Fellowship programme for national human rights institutions;
2009-11-20: Global Education Newsletter – Fall 2009;
2009-11-24: Launch of Portal for Human Rights Schools;
2009-11-24: World Food Summit;
2009-11-25: Vacancy: ERRC seeks human rights trainer, Budapest;
2009-11-27: Every Woman Has a Story, Every Story Can Create Change;
2009-11-27: Marché de Noël artisanal;
2009-11-28: DEBITO.ORG’s NEWSLETTER of November 25, 2009;
2009-11-30: Rencontre avec Fawzia Assaad;
2009-11-30: HREA distance learning courses – February-April 2010;
2009-12-02: DEVELOPMENT: Global Challenges Require Innovative Partnerships;
2009-12-03: The End of Poverty?
2009-12-04: Invitation to online forum on discrimination in education;
2009-12-06: South Africa: International Human Rights Exchange;
2009-12-06: RIGHTS-TURKEY: Jailing Kurdish Children to Undermine Dissent;
2009-12-07: My Cry from the Islands of Blood;
2009-12-07: Sudan: A Forgotten Refugee Problem;
2009-12-08: Central Africa: Great Lakes Nations to Send War Crimes Suspects to ICC;
2009-12-09: Working Paper: Understanding Violence;
2009-12-10: HR education for human rights educators;
2009-12-10: Veillée climatique (Climate Vigil);
2009-12-11: Mineurs isolés étrangers: quelle protection?
2009-12-12: Guinea: Nation Faces ‘Explosive’ Military Infighting, Says Rights Expert;
2009-12-13: Journal of Human Rights Education launched;
2009-12-14: World Peace conference;
2009-12-21: Somalia: entrapped in another year of deadly insurgency;
2009-12-22: Supply and Demand: Arms Flows and Holdings in Sudan;
2009-12-23: Uganda: fear over gay death penalty plans;
2009-12-24: Call for expression of interest;
2009-12-25: UN Imposes Sanctions on Eritrea;
2009-12-26: More oil, less migrants;
2009-12-27: Independent Appeal: Africa’s Schindler;
2009-12-28: Linux Fund and FOSSFA to Join Forces;
2009-12-29: The Rise Of Judicial Activism: Is Democracy Under Threat?
2009-12-29: African Internet and Telecoms Information;
2009-12-30: RWI National Human Rights Institution Fellowship (Lund);
2009-12-30: Rights Groups Want Congo Back on UN Watch List;
2009-12-31: Ending the year … lost two more colleagues;
2009-12-31: Racial bursary agreement;
2009-12-31: No, We’re Not a Broken People;
2010-01-01: Africa Action Talking Points on a New U.S.-Sudan Policy;
2010-01-01: Liberia: More TB Sufferers Coming Forward;
2010-01-02: Requests for Information: 7 – 27 December 2009;
2010-01-03: HRE for human rights educators;
2010-01-03: African women and the Internet;
2010-01-04: La lettre d’information de la LDH n°29;
2010-01-04: System change not climate change;
2010-01-05: The eternal traveller;
2010-01-05: Egypt: Rooftops Empower the Poor;
2010-01-06: 10 years of the WSF, from Porto Alegre to Dakar;
2010-01-06: As deadline approaches, Obama speeds up Guantánamo Bay closure;
2010-01-07: Flaws in key Lockerbie evidence;
2010-01-07: Do we need to say our prayers?
2010-01-08: TANZANIA: Addressing Energy Crisis Through Alternatives and Efficiency at Household Level;
2010-01-08: AFRICA: Drying, Drying, Disappearing … ;
2010-01-09: Multi-Asset exchange for Africa?
2010-01-09: Dennis Brutus: An ironclad sense of solidarity;
2010-01-10: Locally made movie raises awareness of human trafficking;
2010-01-10: Rescuing the Peace in Southern Sudan;
2010-01-10: Vernissage du peintre Al Wahibi;
2010-01-11: Direct participation in creativity;
2010-01-11: Africa: SMS Uprising – Mobile Activism in Continent;
2010-01-12: Future Foods;
2010-01-12: Call for Action on the Elections of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;
2010-01-13: Development tops UN chief’s priorities for 2010;
2010-01-13: 2010 International Legal Studies Internship Program;
2010-01-14: Africa Matters;
2010-01-14: Pro-transgender development: Challenges posed by religious extremism;
2010-01-15: Training program for indigenous advocates;
2010-01-16: Programme de formation en droits de l’homme du Collège universitaire Henry Dunant (Genève);
2010-01-17: Reframing the Aid Debate;
2010-01-18: L’agenda culturel arabe;
2010-01-19: Violence against women;
2010-01-20: Joint WIPO-ITU Accessibility Workshop;
2010-01-21: Kenya: Clause on Spouses’ Equality Struck Out;
2010-01-22: 2010-2011 Public Interest Law Fellowship Program;
2010-01-23: Policy Report: Africa Policy Outlook 2010;
2010-01-24: Report on linking Holocaust education and HRE to be presented to European education ministers;
2010-01-25: Call for applications for International Leadership Forum (Storrs, 6-14 August 2010);
2010-01-26: La lettre d’information de la LDH n°30;
2010-01-27: Somalia: Tougher controls on military assistance needed;
2010-01-28: Statement to the COMESA Summit;
2010-01-29: Health Care in War Zones and Countries Affected by Conflict;
2010-01-30: Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide and the 2010 Elections;
2010-01-31: Haiti: The Hate and the Quake;
2010-03-24: Requests for Information – for two past periodes;
2010-03-25: Emerging powers in Africa Watch;
2010-03-26: NGO Management School Switzerland: April-May Courses in Geneva;
2010-03-27: Requests for Information: 01 – 22 March 2010;
2010-03-28: Quiet corruption undermining African development;
2010-03-29: UGANDA: Almost one million at risk in Karamoja;
2010-03-30: US aid Partners with Swedish Development Agency;
2010-03-31: Call for Action – Elections Committee on ESCR by ECOSOC;
2010-04-01: Shoot the Boers: Deflecting attention from new songs of protest;
2010-04-02: Child Poverty in Africa – the facts;
2010-04-03: Life in Tin Can Town;
2010-04-03: Invitation to EXECUTIVE BRIEFING on WSIS FORUM 2010;
2010-04-04: Africa: Killer Diseases of Continent’s Poor;
2010-04-05: Let’s Put an End to Public Debt Blackmail;
2010-04-06: Witch-hunts then – and now;
2010-04-07: The Opium Wars in Afghanistan;
2010-04-08: Essentials of NGO Management – Course on Bohol Island, Philippines;
2010-04-09: Irish Centre for Human Rights 2010 Summer Schools;
2010-04-10: Call for applications for the International Interdisciplinary Course on Children’s Rights 2010;
2010-04-11: Kyrgyzstan And The Battle For Central Asia;
2010-04-12: Reporting on the Horrors and the Hope of the Congo;
2010-04-13: The Uncomfortable Silence;
2010-04-14: The Next Stage of Human Evolution;
2010-04-15: HRE Highlights from the UN Human Rights Council 13th session;
2010-04-16: Launch of EWC database for people;
2010-04-17: Kenya: Digital Villages Project Rolled Out;
2010-04-18: Very Small is Beautiful for the Majority of Our People;
2010-04-19: INCORE’s 11th International Summer School;
2010-04-20: India takes on chairmanship of ITU Council for 2010;
2010-04-21: Youth Wage Subsidy and the Spectre of a Two-tier Labour Market;
2010-04-22: The end of a few tough years – part 3;
2010-04-23: 2010 Human Rights Summer Program at Columbia University;
2010-04-24: ERRC seeks applicants for the 2010 Roma Rights Summer School;
2010-04-25: Rwandan President Paul Kagame wants a safer Rwanda;
2010-04-26: Dialogue des cultures;
2010-04-27: World Cup 2010 and the Legalisation of Sex Work: Postulations and Expostulations;
2010-04-28: South Africa – a deal gone wrong?
2010-04-29: Mobile Phone Projects in Zambia Creates Wealth for Women;
2010-04-30: Celtel Zambia And OneWorld Africa Equips Grassroot Women;
2010-05-01: Guantanamo: The Omar Khadr Case;
2010-05-02: Policy Space to Prevent and Mitigate Financial Crises in Trade and Investment Treaties;
2010-05-03: Revisiting Economic Man;
2010-05-03: ALF C7 on e-business, Interactive Panel Debate on ICT and rural enterprise;
2010-05-04: Wake Up and Smell the System;
2010-05-05: REDD: Seeing the forest for the trees;
2010-05-06: Madagascar’s hidden crisis: Women’s rights and human rights abuses;
2010-05-07: HREA Courses and Infos;
2010-05-08: OHCHR and Guinea sign agreement for presence;
2010-05-09: Protecting investors, but what about the people?
2010-05-10: New Colonialism: Pentagon Carves Africa Into Military Zones;
2010-05-11: The international significance of the Greek general strike;
2010-05-12: Africa: escaping the slums;
2010-05-13: Guinea waits for change;
2010-05-14: Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth;
2010-05-14: Graines de Paix recrute sa/son chef-fe de Programme Education à la Paix;
2010-05-15: Exploring Humanitarian Law Summer Institute;
2010-05-16: Request for information from UN Special Rapporteur on the right to education;
2010-05-17: WWSF World Campaign 2010 – prevention of abuse & violence against children;
2010-05-18: Haiti PM calls on int’l community to deliver aid soon;
2010-05-19: Sudan: The elections and beyond;
2010-05-20: Conspiracy Against Non-Violent Resistance Movements In Orissa;
2010-05-21: Community Radio Takes On Gender and World Cup;
2010-05-22: Russia-America Relations: Rediscovering Realpolitik;
2010-05-23: Human Rights Council OHCHR – 14th session Geneva, 31 May – 18 June 2010;
2010-05-24: Syria: Martin Ennals Award announces Muhannad Al-Hassani as Laureate for 2010;
2010-05-25: A Virulent Outbreak of Rational Thought;
2010-05-26: Salva Kiir sworn in as Southern Sudan president;
2010-05-27: Brazil launches international TV station for Africa;
2010-05-28: South Africa: An unfinished revolution?
2010-05-28: Week-end international des 5 et 6 juin 2010 à Genève;
2010-05-29: Practical information for the UNHCR Annual Consultations with NGOs;
2010-05-30: Iran Was Not What We Had Thought;
2010-05-31: Conference on Educating for Human Rights, Peace and Intercultural Dialogue;
2010-06-01: NTP Review Conference 2010;
2010-06-02: Washington, Moscow, Beijing and the Geopolitics of Central Asia – Part II;
2010-06-02: La société malade de la gestion;
2010-06-03: UNHCR’s Annual Consultations with NGOs;
2010-06-04: 2011 application for the Human Rights Advocates Program;
2010-06-05: Requests for Information: 24 – 30 May 2010;
2010-06-06: Ghana: CHRAJ rolls out human rights programme for basic schools;
2010-06-07: Request for young learners’ work in Human Rights Education HRE;
2010-06-08: America’s Spiritual Suicide;
2010-06-09: Unarmed and Courageous;
2010-06-10: BURKINA FASO: Young girls at risk as they join exodus to cities;
2010-06-11: Beware bigotry: Free speech and the Zapiro cartoons;
2010-06-12: … Niger’s Fight against Hunger;
2010-06-13: Our Black World;
2010-06-14: World Day Against Child Labour 2010;
2010-06-15: Ford Foundation Initiative to Tackle HIV Crisis in United States;
2010-06-16: Violence in Kyrgyzstan;
2010-06-17: China on verge of signing nuke deal with Pakistan: Expert;
2010-06-18: The High Budgetary Cost of Incarceration;
2010-06-19: Feeling Locked Out of the American Dream?
2010-06-20: What do BP and the Banks Have In Common? The Era of Corporate Anarchy;
2010-06-21: Towards a global development strategy;
2010-06-22: AFRICA: Fighting the double whammy of obesity and hunger;
2010-06-23: AFRICA: Not spending enough on food;
2010-06-24: Is Human Trafficking a Problem in Namibia?
2010-06-25: U.S. strategy in Eurasia and drug production in Afghanistan;
2010-06-26: Requests for Information: 07 – 20 June 2010;
2010-06-27: Nigeria: Civil Society Groups Call on State Governments Not to Resume the Execution of Prisoners;
2010-06-28: Toward a new Alexandria;
2010-06-29: Afghanistan: Funding both sides;
2010-06-30: Nutrition Investment Will Save and Improve Lives;
2010-07-01: Morgellons and the CIA’s MK/NAOMI Project, Part 2;
2010-07-02: Revolving Door Spins Quickly Between Congress, Wall Street report;
2010-07-03: Elephants are afraid of bees;
2010-07-04: New Zealand tragedy;
2010-07-05: Speaking truth on behalf of Ethiopia’s youth;
2010-07-06: Malaria in Africa;
2010-07-07: AMREF cautiously welcomes G8 commitment to maternal and newborn health;
2010-07-07: Israeli Mother Addresses European Parliament;
2010-07-08: Millennium Goals Revisited;
2010-07-09: Results of the Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Development;
2010-07-10: New UN handbook seeks to ensure quality education for children in conflict;
2010-07-11: Iranians still facing death by stoning despite reprieve;
2010-07-12: PM urges society to unite against terrorism;
2010-07-13: Students’ Perspectives on Schooling;
2010-07-14: The new geopolitical importance of Lubmin;
2010-07-15: MADRE Presents Report to UN Human Rights Committee on the Situation in Colombia;
2010-07-16: HAND Welcomes the Arrest Warrant against Omar Al Bashir on charges of Genocide;
2010-07-17: US penalizes provision of humanitarian aid to groups it dubs terrorist;
2010-07-18: CrimeKiller of Russian human rights activist Estemirova identified – Medvedev;
2010-07-19: Americans Don’t Flinch – They Duck;
2010-07-20: World Population Day July 11, 2010;
2010-07-21: Food sovereignty in Africa: The people’s alternative;
2010-07-22: On the necessity of a land tax;
2010-07-23: Land Grab in Africa;
2010-07-24: Tutu, 78, to bow out of public life;
2010-07-25: seems Hindu hard liner – arguing against Dalit convertion into other faits;
2010-07-25: Latest documents advocating the ban of depleted uranium DU;
2010-07-26: Requests for Information: 05 – 18 July 2010;
2010-07-27: Global Education Newsletter Nº 73 – Summer 2010;
2010-07-28: Return of the glut;
2010-07-29: Viewpoint: Is kidnapping easy money?
2010-07-30: British politicians and media dismiss WikiLeaks details of Afghanistan war crimes;
2010-07-31: Alternatives to negotiating sovereign debt;
2010-08-01: AU Escalation becoming al-Shabab Glue;
2010-08-02: That Yawning Chasm between India and Innovation;
2010-08-03: Small Arms and Light Weapons Ammunition Survey;
2010-08-04: Food crisis in the Sahel: Real problem, false solutions;
2010-08-05: Immigrants have human rights;
2010-08-06: Somalia’s rough road to peace;
2010-08-07: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Transitions The Living Proof Project to ONE;
2010-08-08: Kenya: New Constitution a Winner With Women;
2010-08-09: Recovery from oil spill is Obama priority: Navy Secy;
2010-08-10: Opinion & Analysis: Why Chinese should be taught in Africa schools;
2010-08-11: Bring Water Into Climate Change Negotiations;
2010-08-12: Wordless masses;
2010-08-13: Tax Wealthy – invest in infrastructure and schools;
2010-08-14: Go where the money is … ;
2010-08-15: Kenya: Don’t waste the new constitution;
2010-08-15: Kenya: What now, after the referendum?
2010-08-16: Vox Sambou and the Solid’Ayiti initiative for Haiti;
2010-08-17: The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA’s Experiments on Children;
2010-08-17: Invitation – Opportunities to enhance the BWC Confidence-building Measures;
2010-08-18: China’s next elite: 2012 and beyond;
2010-08-19: Gender-Based Violence in Haiti;
2010-08-19: Invitation – Synthetic Biology: Engineering a safer future;
2010-08-20: Half of HIV-exposed children in Africa not receiving drug to prevent infection;
2010-08-21: Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Time for sanity and healing;
2010-08-22: Nuclear Nonproliferation and the Quest for a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, The Test Ban Challenge;
2010-08-23: Noma, The face of poverty;
2010-08-24: New upcoming e-learning courses offerd by HREA;
2010-08-25: Draft Plan of Action for the second phase of the WPHRE now available;
2010-08-26: Video for Change Newsletter – August 2010;
2010-08-27: Paralegal Justice Services Expand Across Sierra Leone;
2010-08-28: Wishfulness, yesmanship and the Harper Conservatives;
2010-08-28: Towards a Unified Agenda: Armed Violence and the Millennium Development Goals;
2010-08-29: New courses by;
2010-08-30: The census and civil liberties: Interview with Micheal Vonn;
2010-08-31: The G20’s symbolic violence;
2010-09-01: Requests for Information: 16 – 29 August 2010;
2010-09-02: Institutional radicalisation of public schools;
2010-09-03: NGO Working Group on UN Access, first meeting in Geneva;
2010-09-04: Research in Human Rights Education Papers;
2010-09-05: La situation socio-économique et politique en Guinée;
2010-09-06: Women Step Up to Bring Security to Teetering Kyrgyzstan;
2010-09-07: Pirates of Puntland: A tale of Somali Pirates, Ethiopia and the USA;
2010-09-08: Just for the beauty;
2010-09-09: Costa Rica: The lowest form of military aggression;
2010-09-10: Playing with Fire – On Christian Book Burning;
2010-09-11: India forms new tribal council in wake of Vedanta victory;
2010-09-12: Credo Mutwa – Before my Eyes Close in Death;
2010-09-13: Oil-dependency and food: Livelihoods at risk;
2010-09-14: Laureates 2010 – WWSF Prize for rural women;
2010-09-15: James Ferguson on Modernity, Development, and Reading Foucault in Lesotho, an Interview;
2010-09-17: White British pupils make less progress than ethnic minorities;
2010-09-18: MDGs and the right to education, policy briefs from the RTE Project;
2010-09-18: Amnesty International: Human Rights Educational Resource Consultant;
2010-09-19: African civil society organisations: Chinese perceptions;
2010-09-20: Income Poverty: One in Three Americans Lacks the Income Needed to Make Ends Meet;
2010-09-21: Latest update of the Torture Archive;
2019-09-22: Racism, Islamophobia and capitalist depression;
2010-09-23: European youth hit hard by crisis;
2010-09-24: Ban of Killer Games;
2010-09-25: Social Watch presents its new report to Heads of State;
2019-09-26: CSR in a season of economic downturn;
2010-09-27: Labour result ‘too close to call’ as last-minute rifts emerge;
2010-09-27: Pambazuka News 500th issue and 10th anniversary approaching;
2010-09-28: WILPF Statement on the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals;
2010-09-29: Africans must not rely on the so-called millennium goals;
2010-09-30: African Women Writing Resistance;
2010-10-01: World Habitat Day – October 4, 2010;
2010-10-02: Teaching uMunthu for global peace;
2010-10-03: Portugal supports ITU’s Connect a School / Connect a Community Initiative;
2010-10-04: Read it and weep;
2010-10-05: The global capitalist crisis and Africa’s future;
2010-10-06: Management Courses for NGO Staff;
2010-10-07: Brain Drain, University Research Funding and the Microelectronics Industry;
2010-10-08: The Credo Mutwa Hospital For Aids Patients And Abused Children;
2010-10-08: Le Mois d’octobre culturel à la librairie arabe L’Olivier;
2010-10-09: Black power, history’s greatest black archivers;
2010-10-10: Micronutrient Initiative Endorses and Calls for Action on Scaling Up Nutrition Road Map;
2010-10-11: Burundi: Handheld Computers Speed Up Food Aid;
2010-10-12: Join Spires campaign against Land Grabbing;
2010-10-12: Found on Al Jazeera.Net online;
2010-10-13: Africa: The Challenge of Hunger – Focus on the Crisis of Child Undernutrition;
2010-10-14: New technologies and the threat to sovereignty in Africa;
2010-10-15: Biopiracy, the intellectual property regime and livelihoods in Africa;
2010-10-17: Female foeticide is on the rise as rogue clinics thrive;
2010-10-18: The Tide Has Changed: A musical essay and a lesson in humanity;
2010-10-19: Recovering our memory;
2010-10-20: People creating change in Africa;
2010-10-21: Ten Commandments For Good Manners;
2010-10-22: Championing the transformation of African society;
2010-10-23: Human Rights Watch films for educational screenings;
2010-10-24: The Violence Debate: Teaching the Oppressed How to Fight Oppression;
2010-10-24: Introduction to UNOG services for NGOs;
2010-10-24: Introduction aux services des Nations Unies à Genève;
2010-10-25: Inequality kills;
2010-10-26: Manipulation of social consciousness through mass media;
2010-10-27: India gets lauded for innovative solutions to rural healthcare;
2010-10-27: Grèves: explications de la spécificité franco-française;
2010-10-28: 120 more Afghan candidates face charges of electoral violation;
2010-10-29: The illusion of poverty reduction;
2010-10-30: What Should Be Done About Child Soldiers?
2010-10-31: Integration or federation? Towards political unity for Africa;
2010-11-01: Sudan: Race Against Time;
2010-11-02: Haiti: ‘We’ve been forgotten’;
2010-11-03: International Muslim-Christian Consultation Transforming Communities;
2010-11-04: Yemen, the real conflict, Pt.2;
2010-11-05: EPAs: New trade deals, old agendas;
2010-11-06: FINAL STATEMENT – Transforming Communities;
2010-11-07: Pan-Africanism and the challenge of East African Community integration;
2010-11-08: Africa’s great land grab;
2010-11-09: US revolution and counterrevolution: Turns, twists and zigzags;
2010-11-10: $75 million for Micronutrient Initiative;
2010-11-11: United Nations Webcast – 9th Session of HRC;
2010-11-12: Which Way Home;
2010-11-13: Education officials stress need to combat anti-Semitism in schools;
2010-11-14: Conference on Disarmament CD – 3 and 13 December 2010;
2010-11-15: Economics and ethics?
2010-11-16: Analysis of the In-Depth Interviews in Kenya;
2010-11-16: WSIS Forum 2011;
2010-11-17: la librairie arabe “L’OLIVIER” pésente ce fin novembre 2010;
2010-11-17: Association Of War-Disabled Veterans Extends Support To Members;
2010-11-18: South America tops farmland investors’ wish-list;
2010-11-19: The UN General Assembly is the Pre-Eminent Forum for Global Debate;
2010-11-20: Kenya’s complicated transition and the lessons for Zimbabwe;
2010-11-21: The World we want in 2015;
2010-11-22: Patent grab threatens biodiversity and food sovereignty in Africa;
2010-11-23: Ghana’s Oil Find, Diamonds and Gold, Nigeria’s Oil Conflicts;
2010-11-24: CONGO: Polio kills at least 97;
2010-11-25: When the poor become powerful outside of state control;
2010-11-26: HRW calls for protection of migrant workers in Middle East;
2010-11-27: African Executive;
2010-11-28: Are you saying we are not human?
2010-11-29: UNDIR Issues;
2010-11-30: Peace more in Kenyan hands than the ICC’s;
2010-12-01: Despite Setbacks, Africa Seen as Key Player in Future;
2010-12-02: Workers Rights and the Labour Movement in Ontario;
2010-12-03: DEVELOPMENT: Africa’s Time Has Come;
2010-12-04: Looking back, looking forward;
2010-12-05: Evidence of Insider Trading on the Attacks of September 11;
2010-12-06: SOAWR: Lessons we have learned;
2010-12-07: World Aids Day: Red ribbon rights for all;
2010-12-07: OUR VIEW: Don’t talk about WikiLeaks, Big Brother says;
2010-12-08: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal How US Manipulated Climate Accord;
2010-12-09: Contentment is the Greatest Wealth;
2010-12-10: Women Rights in the USA: On the Amazing Strides of American Women;
2010-12-11: Civil service systems around the world;
2010-12-12: Calendar of OHCHR-Meetings and events (2010) – 2011;
2010-12-13: From soporific to sizzling – What WikiLeaks revealed;
2010-12-14: Human rights, livelihoods and Ubuntu for the 21st century;
2010-12-15: Youth, leadership and nonviolence – A global education imperative;
2010-12-16: The Accusations Are False: Julian Assange;
2010-12-17: Teaching material on trafficking in human beings;
2010-12-18: Imagine! Cyber Wars INSTEAD OF Battlefields;
2010-12-19: The Human Right to Health;
2010-12-20: India: Poverty and neglect force widows into prostitution, begging;
2010-12-21: IX Inter-American Report on Human Rights Education;
2010-12-22: Requests for Information: 29 November – 12 December 2010;
2010-12-23: France: Not Victorious, But Not Defeated;
2010-12-24: WikiLeaks cables: Antidote to corruption in Africa?
2010-12-25: Regulating land grabbing?
2010-12-26: WikiLeaks cables: Sudanese president stashed $9bn in UK banks;
2010-12-27: Uganda calls for Africa to outlaw female genital mutilation;
2010-12-28: Ex-Guantanamo Official Was Told Not to Discuss Policy Surrounding Antimalarial Drug Used on Detainees;
2010-12-29: Unpacking the hot air industry;
2010-12-30: FGM: We need to change people’s attitudes;
2010-12-31: Commentary: Double-speak and waging psychological war against the people;
2011-01-01: En formation contre l’excision … ;
2011-01-01: FGM – Debates about FGM in Africa, the Middle East & Far East;
2011-01-02: Tirupur suicides: The human cost of India’s capitalist expansion;
2011-01-03: A Year at War: Families Bear Brunt of Deployment Strains;
2011-01-03: Les prestataires des structures sanitaires conviés à la formation;
2011-01-03: Clinic to fight taboo of female mutilation;
2011-01-04: Hunger is Never a Fate – A Wise Policy May Fight Hunger and Poverty;
2011-01-05: Mutilations génitales: le Conseil national (Suisse) durcit le ton;
2011-01-05: Female genital mutilation – WHO’s Fact sheet N°241;
2011-01-06: Philosophy and children;
2011-01-07: Maternité en Éthiopie: bilan de la mission d’automne;
2011-01-07: Female genital mutilation;
2011-01-08: Why do things always fall apart in Africa?
2011-01-09: Leaving the people out of the debate;
2011-01-09: Lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes – Les projections d’un atelier des parlementaires à Kita;
2011-01-10: What Africa Has Taught Me;
2011-01-11: Renewing democracy through associations;
2011-01-11: Les mutilations sexuelles féminines: une atteinte à la dignité humaine;
2011-01-12: An unsung heroine of the Bush Dark Era;
2011-01-13: 6 fois des nouvelles concernant les MGF – ça bouge;
2011-01-14: now trilingual – désormais trilingue – a hora trilingüe;
2011-01-15: Sudan and oil politics: A nation split by oil;
2011-01-15: New Report on Sexual Violence in Haiti, one year after the earthquake;
2011-01-17: Waris Dirie et la MGF;
2011-01-17: Législation de contraste aux MGF dans les pays africains;
2011-01-18: Crisis of democracy in Africa;
2011-01-18: Si vous aviez eu 20 ans … (en 1809 /en Europe);
2011-01-19: In-depth: Razor’s Edge – The Controversy of FGM;
2011-01-20: The invention of the indigène;
2011-01-21: Victoire sur l’excision;
2011-01-21: la traite des jeune filles en Inde;
2011-01-21: Referendum for Sudan, requiem for Africa;
2011-01-22: Gbagbo and the Ivorian test: Moving beyond anti-imperialist rhetoric;
2011-01-22: Les agriculteurs africains sont perdants;
2011-01-23: WHO reiterates need to eliminate FGM;
2011-01-24: Philosopher avec les enfants: la question des méthodes;
2011-01-25: FGM secretly happening;
2011-01-26: China’s Hu Arrives to Look Around;
2011-01-27: Right to Food’s Access to land report;
2011-01-27: Vélingara – Lutte contre les MGF;
2011-01-27: Mutilations génitales féminines: stratégies novatrices contre les MGF;
2011-01-28: World Agriculture Investment Conference WAIC 2011;
2011-01-29: Des plants sains du Honduras sauvent la culture bananière en Tanzanie;
2011-01-30: Tunisia’s revolution: Self-organisation for self-emancipation;
2011-01-31: Gabon’s Lords of Poverty;
2011-01-31: C’est l’ignorance qui tue – Waris Dirie revient sur son combat contre les mutilations génitales féminines MGF;
2011-02-01: Supporting the Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation in the Context of Migration IOM;
2011-02-02: Surgical operation in Cote d’Ivoire: The worst-case scenario?
2011-02-03: ETHIOPIE: Les pastoralistes luttent contre les MGF/E;
2011-02-03: The Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation – Challenges For Health Communicators;
2011-02-04: African anti-gay attacks will fuel HIV;
2011-02-04: A propos de l’excision;
2011-02-05: Welcome to the world of Bruno Manser’s photographs;
2011-02-06: Echoes from Tunisia and Egypt: Revolutions without self-proclaimed revolutionaries;
2011-02-06: Clitoraid propose de transformer la ‘Journée Tolérance Zéro’ en une journée pour la réparation des victimes;
2011-02-07: Promoting Rights in Schools: providing quality public education resource pack;
2011-02-07: Hausse des mutilations génitales en Occident;
2011-02-08: Employers Support Public Health Insurance Plan In San Francisco;
2011-02-09: Ideology in a time of crisis: Egypt, Washington and the TV networks;
2011-02-10: Abandon de l’excision: Communiquer pour y arriver;
2011-02-11: LUTTE CONTRE LA PRATIQUE DE L’EXCISION: Pour une chaîne de protection des filles;
2011-02-11: Egypt: liberal democracy or an African democracy?
2011-02-12: Tolérance zéro pour les mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-02-13: LIHALA;
2011-02-13: Bipartisan abandonment of the poor;
2011-02-14: MENA Government Responses to Civil Unrest;
2011-02-14: Cinq cent mille femmes excisées en Europe: Le ministre de la Sécurité présente la contre offensive de la République suisse;
2011-02-15: Dignity, Bread and Liberty; the start of peak food revolutions;
2011-02-16: Wyse Supports eLearning Africa with Platinum Sponsorship;
2011-02-17: Resurrecting insurrection;
2011-02-17: Ensemble contre l’excision: maintenant;
2011-02-18: PILnet’s 2011-2012 Call for Applications;
2011-02-18: Education pour tous en 2015: Huit ONG harmonisent leurs actions;
2011-02-19: Development aid: Enemy of emancipation?
2011-02-19: Afrique: L’enseignement à distance une solution aux problèmes de formation des enseignants;
2011-02-20: My life as a gay Ugandan;
2011-02-21: Revolution and reconstruction in Egypt;
2011-02-21: Libya Protests;
2011-02-21: Peace;
2011-02-22: Tunisia seeks Ben Ali’s extradition;
2011-02-22: Somalie: pirates ou pêcheurs en lutte?
2011-02-23: Joint statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton;
2011-02-24: Promouvoir l’Abandon des Mutilations Génitales Féminines dans le Contexte Migratoire;
2011-02-24: Supporting the Abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation in the Context of Migration;
2011-02-25: Features: Africa’s youths united can never be defeated;
2011-02-26: Way Up North in Louisville;
2011-02-26: MGF au Congo-Brazzaville: le ministère de la Promotion de la femme lance un avertissement;
2011-02-27: Prevention Programme for broad protect ion from Female Genital Mutilation on girls in Germany;
2011-02-27: Transitions attendues ou inattendues dans le monde arabe;
2011-02-28: Land Grab in Africa;
2011-03-01: African Farmers Are on the Loosing End;
2011-03-02: Poverty, Class and Language;
2011-03-02: UN throws Libya off human rights council;
2011-03-03: Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet;
2011-03-04: Poverty is the Big Issue;
2011-03-04: Promotion de la femme: Le Burkina défend sa politique genre à l’ONU;
2011-03-05: Crisis in Côte d’Ivoire: What impact on women?
2011-03-05: Sénégal: Une rappeuse contre l’excision;
2011-03-06: Everyone matters, everyone is human;
2011-03-07: It’s About Who’s Sitting in: Reflections on the Early Global Springtime of Peoples;
2011-03-08: The Voluntourism Debate;
2011-03-08: Journée des Femmes;
2011-03-09: South Africa’s economy: No jobs, boys;
2011-03-10: Why do sparrows thrive in America but not here?
2011-03-10: Libya dispatches emissaries;
2011-03-11: What would life be without friends?
2011-03-11: Kenya: Le parcours tumultueux d’une femme vers la réussite;
2011-03-12: An activist response to abuse, personal and political;
2011-03-12: Liberia-Santé: Réduire la mortalité et la morbidité maternelles et infantiles;
2011-03-13: The Word on Women: Why Land Rights Matter;
2011-03-14: Landlessness is Not Forever;
2011-03-14: Le Reseau Siggil Jigeen implique la Guinée-Bissau dans la lutte contre l’excision;
2011-03-15: The Women of Benghazi;
2011-03-16: Our Planet HOME;
2011-03-16: L’avenir de la Genève internationale;
2011-03-17: The Charter for Compassion;
2011-03-18: There’s a New Non-ideological Political Power in the Arab World;
2011-03-19: The death of Nigerian progressive politics?
2011-03-20: Libya, Egypt, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire: Confusion remains;
2011-03-21: Female Genital Mutilation FGM: A Cultural Controversy in Cameroon;
2011-03-22: Grab and Bang – Man, Where’s the Condom?
2011-03-22: Latin ou pas latin pour tous: le massacre continue;
2011-03-23: Togo: Violating the right to information;
2011-03-24: The problem with Africans and Arabs;
2011-03-24: Amouna NGOUONIMBA: nous dévoilons dans notre ouvrage la supercherie qui veut faire de nos mères des exciseuses traditionnelles;
2011-03-25: Links for teaching about the earthquake in Japan;
2011-03-26: Turkish summit: Meeting to Change;
2011-03-27: Civil society is a major player in the democratic transition in Tunisia;
2011-03-28: Inter Press Service IPS news agency launches news portal on IBSA;
2011-03-29: Why Health Care Markets Can Never Work;
2011-03-29: L’excision: couper les petites-filles, un crime abject;2011-03-30: Collaborative Learning: a reality in Universities;
2011-03-30: Les mutilations génitales;
2011-03-31: Learn from History, 31st Anniversary of the Assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero.
2011-04-01: Network-less mobile banking;
2011-04-02: Japan: Financing Reconstruction, the Monetary Implications of the Nuclear Catastrophe;
2011-04-03: Mass mobilisation, democratic transition’and transitional violence in Africa;
2011-04-04: Bangladesh govt prods local investors to farm cotton, food in Africa;
2011-04-05: Sierra Leone Facing Facts of Teenage Pregnancy;
2011-04-06: Western Sahara is not a forgotten conflict;
2011-04-07: The Trumpcard of birthright nationalism;
2011-04-08: Gambling with the planet;
2011-04-08: Abandon de toutes formes d’excision: amorce d’un déclic;
2011-04-09: India’s skewed sex ratio: Seven brothers;
2011-04-09: Quatre cent femmes du Sénégal et de Guinée Bissau marchent contre l’excision;
2011-04-10: The myths of global land grabbing untangled;
2011-04-11: Uprising, imperialism and uncertainty;
2011-04-12: Profit Pathology and the Disposable Planet;
2011-04-13: News from the Sphere Project;
2011-04-14: Why Do We Support Selective Conscientious Objection?
2011-04-15: Requests for Information: 14 March – 10 April 2011;
2011-04-16: Mistreatment of Manning Criticized by Leading Law Professors & UN Torture Investigator;
2011-04-17: The great African land rush;
2011-04-18: The crazies versus the sleepwalkers – big budget showdown;
2011-04-18: MGF au Togo: Le taux de prévalence estimé entre 6 à 7%;
2011-04-19: 2011 Summer School on the Interational Criminal Court;
2011-04-19: Brakna: Haro sur les mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-04-20: The system is a social disease;
2011-04-20: Lutte contre le Sida: Validation du plan d’action pour le réseau national des agences d’encadrement;
2011-04-21: We did it;
2011-04-21: Europe: une nouvelle convention pour combattre la violence à l’égard des femmes;
2011-04-22: We export food to import food;
2011-04-22: Canada’s Earth Day assessment;
2011-04-23: Nigeria: The curse of post-election violence continues;
2011-04-24: The importance of research in an university;
2011-04-24: Les Maliennes remercient la commune – Pommerit-Jaudy;
2011-04-25: The Patriarchy Continuum – FGM Edition;
2011-04-26: Protect our children: Stopping the sexual abuse of children;
2011-04-27: China news tagged with: Ai Weiwei (130);
2011-04-28: Central African Republic: Supporting Women’s Rights in Remote Areas;
2011-04-29: Sunshine and Shadow in Rwanda’s Rural Housing Programme;
2011-04-30: WashPost Touts KIPP’s Extra Edge;
2011-05-01: Important Update on AWDF’s Grant-Making Processes;
2011-05-02: Is the World Too Big to Fail?
2011-05-03: Ai Weiwei: Deleted from the internet;
2011-05-04: Redefining public goods, for Africa;
2011-05-04: Mutilations: Kolda met un gouvernement scolaire pour sensibiliser les parents;
2011-05-04: Et si on arrêtait d’avoir peur… ;
2011-05-05: Sad Refrain from Bahrain;
2011-05-06: Dialogue on Front Line Watchdogs: Monitoring accountability for human rights;
2011-05-07: 2011 award winner is a gay rights activist from Africa;
2011-05-08: Human tsunamis and the world refugee system;
2011-05-09: Make it Right for Girls;
2011-05-10: South Sudan: Rethinking citizenship, sovereignty and self-determination;
2011-05-10: Atelier des leaders religieux sur les mutilations génitales féminines à Conakry;
2011-05-11: Tunisia: Another country;
2011-05-12: Documentary: Planet for Sale;
2011-05-13: Evictions, social justice and the constitution – The Muthurwa case;
2011-05-14: An African reflection on Tahrir Square;
2011-05-15: Tell no lies, claim no easy victories;
2011-05-16: South Africa’s ministerial handbook uncovered;
2011-05-17: The Role of Spiritual Practice in the Modern World;
2011-05-18: LIBYA: Looming threat of scattered munitions in the east;
2011-05-19: Offensive;
2011-05-20: Reaping tomorrow’s harvest today;
2011-05-20: Le conseil des ministres: La SONABHY et la CNSS ont de nouveaux DG;
2011-05-21: Switzerland: Implementation of the new North Africa strategy;
2011-05-21: Pour échapper au mariage forcé, 14 jeunes filles se réfugient dans une église au Guinée-Bissau;
2011-05-22: The most tragic day of Igbo history: 29 May 1966;
2011-05-22: Collectif Liégeois de lutte contre les MGF;
2011-05-22: Invitation à la Présentation des activités de Graines de Paix;
2011-05-23: Can youth show the way?
2011-05-24: E-learning course: Use of ICTs and Social Media for Human Rights Work;
2011-05-25: Haiti: Reparations and reconstruction;
2011-05-26: Tell Walmart: Intervene Before Labor Activists Are Sentenced to Death;
2011-05-27: New Report: Flip It to Fix It;
2011-05-27: MGF: résolution WHA61.16;
2011-05-28: Black in Latin America – Mexico & Peru: A Hidden Race;
2011-05-28: Le chef du gouvernement patronne la 11ème journée nationale de lutte contre l’excision;
2011-05-29: Read WHO’s Fact sheet no. 125;
2011-05-29: FEMMES-OUGANDA: Un visage féminin à la tête du Parlement ougandais;
2011-05-30: What Price the Fukushima Meltdown? Comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima;
2011-05-30: Affaire DSK: L’indignation sélective des ONG africaines;
2011-05-31: Lessons from the uprisings in the Maghreb;
2011-06-01: Beyond the privatisation of liberation;
2011-06-01: Immigration: Tolbà campagne contre les mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-06-02: The Igbo genocide and 5 June 1969;
2011-06-02: Johnnie Carson: L’Afrique a besoin de bonne gouvernance;
2011-06-03: US gets bad marks in Amnesty International annual report;
2011-06-03: Mutilations génitales féminines au Togo: Le taux de prévalence estimé entre 6 à 7%;
2011-06-04: Nuclear Proliferation International History Project;
2011-06-05: Gender Justice Uncovered Award Presented for International Ruling on Sexual Violence in Haiti;
2011-06-06: Illicit financial flows from the Least Developed Countries, 1990–2008;
2011-06-06: Halte à la mutilation genitale feminine, Une norme sociale qui peut être abandonnée;
2011-06-06: Saudi woman arrested for simply driving a car is set free;
2011-06-07: USA: Arrested for feeding the homeless, over-criminalized and hyper-policed;
2011-06-07: La Cnscpe prône le respect obligatoire des droits de l’enfant;
2011-06-08: Defiant in the face of brutality;
2011-06-09: Caught red-handed: British assassins in the Horn of Africa;
2011-06-10: Africa: Access to water and privatisation;
2011-06-10: Africaines mutilées dans leur féminité: combien de temps encore?
2011-06-11: Land deals raise food security hopes;
2011-06-11: Joseph Thiedjou: Les actes d’homophobie au Cameroun sont quotidiens;
2011-06-12: The water crisis in African cities;
2011-06-12: Droit de reponse à l’imam promoteur de la pratique de l’excision interpellé;
2011-06-13: Water management reform in rural areas of Senegal;
2011-06-14: Strengthening public water;
2011-06-14: Abandon total de toutes formes d’excision – Une mobilisation sociale;
2011-06-15: Maghreb uprisings – Truth is impossible to find;
2011-06-15: CAMEROUN: Références aux droits de l’enfant dans l’Examen périodique universel;
2011-06-16: What’s behind the global bankers’ austerity programs: Seizure of public property for corporations;
2011-06-16: Ce que je crois: Viol de femmes congolaises;
2011-06-16: 9 female genital circumcision FGC photos;
2011-06-17: Study reveals alarming facts about plantation of Addax Bioenergy in Sierra Leone;
2011-06-17: Le taux national de pratique de l’excision estimé à plus de 96%;
2011-06-18: Kingdom to double wheat reserves;
2011-06-18: Sénégal: Lutte contre les mutilations génitales féminines;
2011-06-19: UNEP’s big report: Towards a GREEN ECONOMY;
2011-06-20: EOW hosts national conference to highlight practice of Female Genital Mutilation;
2011-06-20: L’enfer d’être une femme en Somalie;
2011-06-21: SPECIAL COVERAGE: The world’s most dangerous countries for women;
2011-06-22: Changing attitudes to stop witchcraft accusations;
2011-06-23: Requests for Information: May 2011;
2011-06-23: Mutilations Génitales Féminines: vers l’abandon total;
2011-06-24: Federal Reserve Shipped Billions to Iraq Which Were Then Stolen;
2011-06-24: MGF: L’Association Appui Moral et Intellectuel à l’Enfant AMMIE outille les journalistes;
2011-06-25: Boko Haram: Nigeria’s new national crisis?
2011-06-25: Yamoussourko: 325 CAS DE VIOLES SIGNALÉS;
2011-06-26: Call for applications: Meeting of Asian experts on law and practice in respect of torture;
2011-06-26: L’UNFPA déplore 658 cas de violences basées sur le genre lors de la crise postélectorale;
2011-06-27: Living on the Coke side of life in Swaziland;
2011-06-28: Etude: La Tunisie face aux enjeux régionaux, entre leadership et intégration;
2011-06-29: Women’s Reproductive Health: A Case Study from Ekiti State, Nigeria;
2011-06-30: Deal With Tribal Issues;
2011-07-01: Urban farming more profitable than white-collar jobs for many Congolese;
2011-07-01: Lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes, les leaders religieux s’engagent;
2011-07-02: Petition: End child sex trafficking in Wyndham hotels, San Diego;
2011-07-02: L’Afrique se mobilise pour bannir les MGF;
2011-07-03: Africa moves to ban female genital mutilation;
2011-07-03: Land investment deals in Africa: Say no way;
2011-07-04: Is microfinance working in South Africa?
2011-07-05: Sell only what we don’t need;
2011-07-06: EASTERN AFRICA: Severe food crisis hits region;
2011-07-06: Mamou: Comment amener les communautés à la prévention et à l’abandon de l’excision;
2011-07-07: Hunger Looms Amid Drought In Horn Of Africa;
2011-07-08: Call for Applications for the Women’s Human Rights Training Institute WHRTI, 2011-2013;
2011-07-08: Jeunesse, emploi, éducation, Le Premier ministre présente le modèle sénégalais à MALABO;
2011-07-09: Burkina Faso after the recent socio-political shocks;
2011-07-10: South Sudan Independence – Celebrations, but challenges ahead;
2011-07-11: In Sudan’s breadbasket, a revolution is waiting to happen;
2011-07-11: MFG: 28 % de femmes sont touchées au Sénégal;
2011-07-12: African transformation: Only in our hands;
2011-07-13: UN: Somalia is worst humanitarian disaster;
2011-07-14: The great billion dollar drug scam;
2011-07-15: WFP mulls resuming S.Somalia food aid;
2011-07-16: Becoming trapped in Psychiatryland;
2011-07-17: How much does poverty cost B.C.?
2011-07-18: What are we afraid of?
2011-07-19: UNICEF recognises UK schools for teaching human rights;
2011-07-20: Formation sur les mecanismes regionaux et internationaux des droits humains a l’intention des acteurs de la societe civile en Afrique;
2011-07-20: Training on Human Rights Mechanisms for Civil Society Actors in Africa;
2011-07-21: Beyond the genocidal concept of tribal homelands;
2011-07-22: In Verhovna Rada of Ukraine was registered the project of the law on Land Market;
2011-07-23: Greek Bailout Leaves Larger Issues Unresolved;
2011-07-24: Tunisians discover secret archive in Paris;
2011-07-24: Droits des femmes: Un guide pour faciliter l’utilisation du Protocole africain;
2011-07-25: Can Saudi women deliver your signature?
2011-07-25: Droits de la Femme: Dikhil au diapason;
2011-07-26: Confronting female genital mutilation MGF;
2011-07-26: La Guinée interdit la mutilation génitale féminine;
2011-07-27: Participatory Course on Democracy and Human Rights;
2011-07-28: The last of the anti-apartheid heroes;
2011-07-29: Nourishing the Planet Agricultural Innovation Tour in Vietnam;
2011-07-30: State planning to own at least 30% of Ukraine’s farmland;
2011-07-31: UAE investors urged to start developing farmland in Sudan;
2011-08-02: Animated Video for Human Rights Education;
2011-08-03: An African response to There is no alternative;
2011-08-04: International recommendations to Mexico in the field of human rights;
2011-08-05: World Food Program in Somalia: Angel of mercy or angel of death?
2011-08-06: Tunisian Women Fear the Algerian Way;
2011-08-07: Human rights education confronting the ideology of hate;
2011-08-07: Les migrantes, ces femmes de l’ombre;
2011-08-08: Spain’s Indignados: Vanguard of a Global Nonviolent Revolt against Neoliberalism;
2011-08-08: Le rôle de la révolution numérique dans la lutte contre l’excision;
2011-08-09: An island of food in Africa’s Horn of Hunger;
2011-08-09: Les Maliennes veulent occuper l’espace politique;
2011-08-10: WWSF 19 Days of activism for prevention of abuse & violence against children;
2011-08-11: Struggling for an alternative media;
2011-08-12: To Make Use of Our Potential as Citizens Towards a Fairer Economy;
2011-08-13: A land-grabber’s loophole;
2011-08-14: In response to the Oslo attacks: My Fellow American;
2011-08-15: Where are all the African women artists?
2011-08-16: When China and Africa Dance, the Elephants Get Trampled;
2011-08-16: Côte d’Ivoire: ONUCI TOUR, campagne de sensibilisation de proximité;
2011-08-17: All bets are off;
2011-08-17: SAINT-LOUIS: 49 jeunes filles défavorisées en formation;
2011-08-18: Globalizing the Intifada;
2011-08-19: UPEACE offers new online MA on Sustainable Peace in the Contemporary World;
2011-08-20: Teaching for Hope and Activism;
2011-08-21: Atelier de formation de l’OMCT sur les mécanismes des droits de l’Homme;
2011-08-21: Exactions: L’ONU s’inquiète;
2011-08-22: Features: Is the IMF obstructing Kenya’s devolution process?
2011-08-22: Protection contre les abus – Zoom sur les mariages précoces et l’excision;
2011-08-23: Irish Human Rights Commission publishes report on HRE in Ireland;
2011-08-23: Tostan en conclave à Boghé;
2011-08-24: Features: Fighting illicit capital flight, Part 4;
2011-08-25: Tunisia: Women’s rights hang in the balance;
2011-08-26: South-south cooperation revs up;
2011-08-27: High Level Forum on Foreign Direct Investment in Land in Africa;
2011-08-28: HORN OF AFRICA: U.N. Shares Responsibility in Famine, Experts Say;
2011-08-29: Register now to participate in an iEARN Learning Circle;
2011-08-30: Innovative Collaboration for Development;
2011-08-30: L’équipe de l’USAID en Guinée rencontre des bénéficiaires au Fouta Djallon;
2011-08-30: article supprimé depuis que Google Alerte l’aie signalé;
2011-08-31: The Women are bringing Solar Power to the Country;
2011-08-31: Burkina Faso: Politique nationale genre dans le sud-ouest;
2011-08-31: Les populations de Boundiali sensibilisées à la lutte contre les MGF;
2011-09-01: End of Conscription Causes Headache for Charities;
2011-09-01: Les Mutilations Génitales Feminines MGF en Suisse;
2011-09-02: Stefan Schmitt Discusses Day of Disappeared on BBC;
2011-09-02: Ethiopie – La famine n’arrête pas l’Inde;
2011-09-03: Rights not Copyrights – follow-up;
2011-09-04: Africa: Sudan declares emergency in Blue Nile state;
2011-09-05: Land sparing beats land sharing for both food and fauna;
2011-09-06: The Split;
2011-09-07: Roundtable: Cuts To Food Bank Will Hurt Poor;
2011-09-07: Soirée littéraire avec Diaryatou BAH;
2011-09-07: NON aux MGF;
2011-09-08: Re-Greening the Sahel through Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration;
2011-09-08: Un hôpital de la part d’un diocèse;
2011-09-09: Pension funds launch Principles for Responsible Investment in Farmland;
2011-09-10: The Birth of a City: Putting Down Roots in a Refugee Camp;
2011-09-10: Abandon de l’excision: Aïda Mbodji dénonce les zones de résistance;
2011-09-11: Africa Must Innovate or Perish, part 5/5;
2011-09-12: How famine makes unscrupulous businessmen fabulously wealthy;
2011-09-12: Abandon de l’excision: Aïda Mbodji dénonce les zones de résistance;
2011-09-13: Sudanese Women Farmers Mobilize to Support Women Facing Famine in Neighboring Somalia;
2011-09-13: Campagne de sensibilisation sur les MGF au profit des imams de la commune d’Akjert;
2011-09-13: 2nd series of e-learning course on protection of HR defenders;
2011-09-14: Face it: R2.4bn loan to Swaziland is a gift, says Cosatu;
2011-09-14: fight against female genital mutilation FGM;
2011-09-15: Honouring Samir Amin;
2011-09-15: Les militantes de la planète se mobilisent à Bruxelles;
2011-09-16: Kenya: Tana River Villagers Hungry;
2011-09-16: Les dirigeants islamiques d’Afrique de l’Ouest discutent de la circoncision des femmes;
2011-09-17: Palm oil fuels land grabs in Africa;
2011-09-17: Mutilations génitales féminines en Afrique;
2011-09-18: Peace and Democracy: Make your voice heard;
2011-09-18: INVITATION: Journée Internationale de Paix;
2011-09-19: UN Expert Asks World Leaders to Crack Down on Non-Communicable Diseases;
2011-09-20: Is Africa rising or flailing?
2011-09-21:’s weekend mail;
2011-09-22: Sumatran tribe say land is stolen for palm oil;
2011-09-23: NILE Genesis;
2011-09-24: The world will remember Troy Davis’ name;
2011-09-24: Exposition sur les mutilations sexuelles;
2011-09-25: Documenting Existing Casualty Recording Practice Worldwide;
2011-09-24: The world will remember Troy Davis’ name;
2011-09-25: Documenting Existing Casualty Recording Practice Worldwide;
2011-09-26: Australian Human Rights Grant Scheme HRGS;
2011-09-27: 2,200 households better off in South Sudan;
2011-09-27: Le Kenya vote une loi contre les Mutilations Génitales Féminines MFG;
2011-09-28: Wambui Otieno: She belongs to Kenya;
2011-09-28: Le Kenya condamne législativement les MGF;
2011-09-29: Cote d’Ivoire: SA’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu urges Impartial Peace Panel;
2011-09-29: Formation d’élèves sages-femmes sur les méfaits des MGF;
2011-09-30: Arab Spring is proof that Islam and human rights can coexist, Maldives tells UN;
2011-09-30: 66ème session de l’Assemblé Générale de l’Onu: la voix du Burkina Faso;
2011-10-01: 7 FOI Laws Pass in Past Year – 18 More Under Consideration;
2011-10-01: Le noir est un blanc comme les autres;
2011-10-02: BBC viewers’ questions put to Cargill boss;
2011-10-02: L’enfer en or massif;
2011-10-03: Call for organisations to sign the Dakar Appeal against land grabbing;
2011-10-04: Circoncision: identité, genre et pouvoir, un passionnant article de Miriam Pollack;
2011-10-04: Circumcision: Identity, Gender, and Power;
2011-10-05: Only the Poor Are Left: Civilians Abandon Sirte ahead of Rebel Onslaught;
2011-10-06: Somali famine: Red Cross aid push in Islamist areas;
2011-10-06: La circoncision en question;
2011-10-07: For or Against Children? The problematic history of stand for children;
2011-10-07: Au Kenya, des Massaï veulent en finir avec l’excision;
2011-10-08: The Sahrawi of Western Sahara: The last colony in Africa;
2011-10-08: Vote de la proposition de loi portant prévention et répression des violences faites aux femmes;
2011-10-09: Six million new teachers needed to ensure UN goal of universal primary education;
2011-10-09: LUTTE CONTRE LA PRATIQUE DE L’EXCISION: Le Burkina et le Mali brisent les frontières;
2011-10-10: Alan Grayson Shreds P.J. O’Rourke on #OccupyWallStreet;
2011-10-11: Mighty be our powers: peaceful women and the global south;
2011-10-13: African Husband, Japanese Wife;
2011-10-14: Do you Know the Law?
2011-10-14: l’ONU et la femme;
2011-10-15: Wall Street: Needed—a new old economic primer;
2011-10-15: Mariages forcés – Mutilations génitales féminines MGF;
2011-10-16: HURIDOCS’ online Course;
2011-10-16: Santé maternelle et infantile: des relais communautaires mieux formés;
2011-10-17: Pork without a pig: scientists attempt to grow artificial meat in a lab;
2011-10-17: République du Benin, Assemblée Nationale: Loi sur les violences faites aux femmes;
2011-10-18: Talk Amongst Yourselves;
2011-10-18: Comité pour l’élimination de la discrimination à l’égard des femmes;
2011-10-19: Alleged Inhumane Conditions for Post-9/11 Suspects Sparks Global Scrutiny of U.S. Detention Policies;
2011-10-19: Pour l’abolition des mutilations sexuelles;
2011-10-20: Report: Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women considers report of Côte d’Ivoire;
2011-10-20: UNOG – Examen Périodique Universel: Ouganda;
2011-10-21: Land grabbing in Africa: global resource scarcity and competition for survival;
2011-10-22: South African shackdwellers: We are all S’bu Zikode;
2011-10-22: Mariages forcés et mutilations génitales: conférence publique à Fribourg;
2011-10-23: The Community Radio Day Enjoyed Great Success at the FIESS;
2011-10-23: Excision: un couple français d’origine malienne déféré au tribunal d’Évry;
2011-10-24: Study: 11% of Americans take antidepressants;
2011-10-24: SOCIETE: Impliquer des leaders religieux dans la lutte contre l’excision;
2011-10-25: Not reporting Angola;
2011-10-26: When promises ring hollow;
2011-10-26: Should Africa Repay its Odious Debts?
2011-10-27: UGANDA: Making the most of security and livelihood gains in Karamoja;
2011-10-27: Child Circumcision: An Elephant in the Hospital;
2011-10-27: Commissariat général aux réfugiés et apatrides CGRA;
2011-10-28: Mugabe cancels Geneva trip in visa protest;
2011-10-28: POLITIQUE: Rapport sur la discrimination à l’égard des femmes;
2011-10-29: EU sustainability schemes fall short of safeguarding rural livelihoods;
2011-10-29: COLLOQUE sur les MGF;
2011-10-30: Earth Grab: Geopiracy, the new Biomassters and Capturing Climate Genes;
2011-10-30: La Librairie arabe L’Olivier, l’agenda culturel arabe. Geneva;
2011-10-31: CIA History of DCI William Colby;
2011-10-31: Mutilations sexuelles féminines MGF;
2011-10-31: Statistics October 2011;
2011-11-01: Austerity cuts in Greece cause suffering;
2011-11-02: Russia Backs Afghanistan’s Request for Membership in the SCO;
2011-11-03: Egypte: dix réformes pour instaurer et garantir la justice dans le pays;
2011-11-03: Call for Applications for the 33rd Annual Intl Human Rights Training Program IHRTP;
2011-11-04: Stop the land grab – International Peasant Conference, 17-19 November 2011, Mali;
2011-11-04: Lutte contre la traite transfrontalière des enfants;
2011-11-05: Ethiopia and Drought: 1984 versus 2011;
2011-11-06: A guide to Egypt’s first free elections;
2011-11-07: Call for applications e-learning course 3S12: The Right to Education;
2011-11-08: Women Own 1% of the World’s Property – Occupy That;
2011-11-09: South Africa: All occupiers are equal, but some occupiers are more equal than others;
2011-11-09: Les aides-soignant-e-s en grève -La revalorisation, maintenant!
2011-11-10: Experts urge action against child labour;
2011-11-11: Former Mossad Chief Seeks to Avert Israeli Attack;
2011-11-11: Aid Effectiveness: HLF-4 in Busan, Korea 2011;
2011-11-12: Development: The Netherlands’ generous aid programme should be sustained, says OECD;
2011-11-13: Features: Why the attempted remilitarisation of Africa will fail;
2011-11-14: Myanmar to free more political prisoners;
2011-11-15: World’s Poorest Countries;
2011-11-16: Geneva Initiative / Initiative de Genève 2.0 / Invitation;
2011-11-17: Occupy protesters return to New York park;
2011-11-18: Refugee Council Seminar 30th November 2011, London;
2011-11-19: The beauty of life in geometry and music;
2011-11-20: Africa Investigates: Zimbabwe’s Child Exodus;
2011-11-21: Write to Tanzania: help Mariam’s village;
2011-11-22: Africa: Economic slump threatens Kenya;
2011-11-22: Conférence Internationale permanente d’Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes;
2011-11-22: Festival du Bénévolat – à Genève le 26 novembre 2011;
2011-11-23: Egypt’s aftershocks: Military vs the people;
2011-11-23: Invitation à l’Assemblée générale du Réseau Femmes africaines, Horizon 2015;
2011-11-24: So what’s new?
2011-11-24: Even in Somalia, women are rebelling against FGM;
2011-11-25: Interview with Thomas Ouana, from Mali, against land grabbing;
2011-11-26: The democratic fraud and the universalist alternative;
2011-11-26: Afrique: Lutte contre les MGF;
2011-11-27: Female Genital Mutilation, UK;
2011-11-27: Mutilation Génitale Féminine MGF: Le cartel du silence;
2011-11-28: MSc Human Rights and Multiculturalism;
2011-11-28: BURKINA FASO: Reconstituer l’intégrité physique des femmes victimes de l’excision;
2011-11-29: L’ONU appelle à l’action politique contre les violences faites aux femmes;
2011-11-29: DR Congo votes amid fears of violence;
2011-11-30: Women’s quotas: Gender equality is becoming an economic factor;
2011-11-30: L’ONU souhaite un plus grand rôle des femmes dans la prévention des conflits;
2011-12-01: Nigeria: The way forward;
2011-12-01: Confronting the crisis: democracy versus austerity, Dec 3, 2011;
2011-12-02: Abuse of vulnerable adults should be criminalised;
2011-12-02: Le gouvernement ivoirien s’inquiète de l’intensité des violences sur les femmes;
2011-12-03: Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive;
2011-12-03: La violence contre les femmes reste l’une des violations les plus répandues des droits humains;
2011-12-04: Farmers oppose agri-meet;
2011-12-04: Burkina Faso à Orodara: L’ONG Voix de femmes sensibilise des leaders d’opinion dans sa lutte contre l’excision;
2011-12-05: A Success Story in Parched India;
2011-12-05: Excision: une clinique réparatrice du clitoris;
2011-12-06: 16 Days of Activism: 15 years of initiatives to end violence against women;
2011-12-06: Le Comité des droits économiques, sociaux et culturels examine le rapport du Cameroun;
2011-12-07: New course on Children in War and Armed Conflicts;
2011-12-07: CONCERT DE BIENFAISANCE contre les mutilations génitales;
2011-12-08: How depraved is our ruling elite Pt 3: coalition steals from cancer patients;
2011-12-09: Change of winds;
2011-12-10: Engineering the Eurozone Collapse;
2011-12-10: Le gouvernement ivoirien s’inquiète de l’intensité des violences sur les femmes;
2011-12-10: Perpignan-France: Concert de solidarité;
2011-12-11: Women are leaders, not victims: Nobel laureates;
2011-12-11: Djibouti et l’Italie signent un protocole d’accord axé sur la santé de la reproduction;
2011-12-12: Foreign energy policy fuels famine in Africa;
2011-12-13: Features: As the humanitarian warriors gloat;
2011-12-13: Les obstacles à l’application des droits de l’homme en Casamance;
2011-12-14: permanently stop the sale and service of surveillance technology to repressive regimes;
2011-12-15: Democracy is more than voting and elections;
2011-12-16: Can agricultural research help feed the world?
2011-12-16: La faim n’est pas une fatalité;
2011-12-17: Barking up the wrong tree;
2011-12-17: Assises nationales: Des participants font leur bilan;
2011-12-18: Africa: Democratic Revolutions in North Africa – An Analysis;
2011-12-18: Abandonner les mutilations génitales féminines MGF: documentaires en libre diffusion;
2011-12-19: Debate with a Libertarian;
2011-12-19: Two Islamic texts stressing the immunity for honour killings;
2011-12-20: Foreign Energy Policy Fuels Famine in Africa;
2011-12-20: Burkina Faso: Boulgou – MGF – Plaidoyer auprès des leaders communautaires pour l’abandon;
2011-12-20: Miss East Africa 2011;
2011-12-21: Egypt’s second voting round – DO IT RIGHT;
2011-12-22: Foreign investment in Aussie farmland on hold;
2011-12-22: Excision: Suite à la mort d’une fillette;
2011-12-23: Nourishing the Planet TV: Taking Farming to the Sea;
2011-12-23: Burkina Faso: Ganzourgou – Lutte contre les MGF;2011-12-24: Advice for whom?
2011-12-24: Protéger les filles et les femmes;
2011-12-25: The right on information in the original wording;
2011-12-25: LA LUTTE CONTRE les MGF AU MALI (est sous) CONTRAINTES;
2011-12-26: IMF Boss Urges Developing Countries to Prepare for Economic Shock;
2011-12-26: Les exciseuses de 69 communautés déposent les lames;
2011-12-27: 50 years later: Fanon’s legacy;
2011-12-28: On Thomas Sankara’s birthday;
2011-12-29: Advance the struggle to end land grabbing, declares Asian farmers group;
2011-12-30: Women’s representation in movies: Not half good enough;
2011-12-30: Interdiction mondiale des Mutilations Génitales Féminines;
2011-12-31: History in ashes;
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