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2012-01-01: India: the plight of the rural and urban poor in a land of facades, mark the first signs of an Indian Spring;
2012-01-03: Egypt’s longest year;
2012-01-04: A New Year e-message;
2012-01-05: Empowering Impoverished Communities with Compatible Technologies;
2012-01-06: Six days to get rid of the 12 month time limit to ESA (in UK);
2012-01-07: One Day Children Will Ask… “What is War” … A Message of Hope for 2012;
2012-01-07: Mutilations genitales MGF: Le Sénégal veut accélérer l’abandon de l’excision;
2012-01-08: Egypt’s Economist Samir Radwan about Finance 101;
2012-01-08: Le Comité inter-africain de lutte contre les MGF est préoccupé par le cas de la Guinée;
2012-01-09: 2012: The year ahead for young people;
2012-01-10: Le Revenu de Base – LE FILM version Française;
2012-01-10: Mieux naître en Afrique, en Ethiopie;
2012-01-11: Land stolen from the poor;
2012-01-12: Iraq: A Country in Shambles;
2012-01-13: China, oil and ethnic cleansing in the Horn of Africa;
2012-01-13: Des leaders du Ganzourgou plaident pour l’abandon des MGF;
2012-01-14: Haitian Women and Girls Trading Sex to Survive;
2012-01-14: Burkina Faso: Gbantara dit non à l’excision dans la province du Poni;
2012-01-15: See, the Nigerian revolution has begun;
2012-01-16: ANC: On the return of the political;
2012-01-16: Revue de la presse malienne;
2012-01-17: Some truth and justice for Rwanda at last;
2012-01-17: Les mutilations génitales féminine MGF: détecter, comprendre et agir;
2012-01-17: Conférence de Vicken Cheterian;
2012-01-18: UN Food and Agricultural Chief da Silva: Speculation Is an Important Cause of High Prices;
2012-01-19: Child poverty figures: Shock report reveals Islington kids who live below breadline;
2012-01-19: NIGER: Baisse de la prévalence des mutilations génitales féminines/excisions;
2012-0120: Japanese clothing retail giant helps refugees in unique ways;
2012-01-21: Links with and around the NASA;
2012-01-21: Un plaidoyer pour bouter la pratique des MGF;
2012-01-22: Sinking the Petrodollar in the Persian Gulf;
2012-01-23: Another postcard from the edge: life on the Kuril Islands;
2012-01-23: L’Initiatrice;
2012-01-24: Running dry;
2012-01-24: Quelle justice pour les victimes de crimes de masse?
2012-01-25: Brothers seek parliamentary alliance;
2012-01-25: Burkina Faso: MGF, Les nouveaux relais communautaires de Gascode formés;
2012-01-26: U.S. v. Jones: The battle for the Fourth Amendment continues;
2012-01-26: Droits des enfants: L’UNICEF déplore les entraves au Bénin;
2012-01-27: Egypt since the revolution;
2012-01-27: MGF dans 30 villages de la Sous-préfecture de Bondoukou;
2012-01-28: Nigeria: We’ll Dialogue With Boko Haram If The Members Identify Themselves – Jonathan;
2012-01-29: For humane and responsible finances;
2012-01-30: Taking on social responsibility as well in the financial sector;
2012-01-30: les actes des Rassemblements pour les droits humains sont mis en ligne;
2012-01-31: The Precariat: why it needs deliberative democracy;
2012-02-01: What happened to the money?
2012-02-01: Concert de Sayon Bamba le 5 février 2012;
2012-02-02: INDIA: Assault and stone-pelting on Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant;
2012-02-02: Tolérance Zéro contre les MGF, le 6 février 2012;
2012-02-03: Nigeria: Was it a 14-day dream?
2012-02-03: MGF: Conférence le 8 février 2012;
2012-02-04: Free Nigerian Activists and Prisoners of Conscience;
2012-02-04: Beauties on YouTube;
2012-02-05: Requests for Information: 16 – 29 January 2012;
2012-02-05: International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation;
2012-02-06: India: What drives farmers to kill themselves?
2012-02-07: Take the money and run;
2012-02-07: MGF: plusieurs stratégies adoptées au Niger pour abandonner la pratique;
2012-02-08: The far horizons of peacebuilding – and the near;
2012-02-09: PhD Studentship ‘Implementing the UNCRC in Schools’ at Queen’s University Belfast;
2012-02-10: Advanced Training Course on Monitoring Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;
2012-02-11: AU elections, A humiliating defeat;
2012-02-11: L’Afrique en bonne voie dans la lutte contre l’excision;
2012-02-12: Anti-FGM Activist Calls For Law Against Female Circumcision;
2012-02-12: Bénin: Les béninois appelés à s’investir dans la lutte contre la pratique des MGF;
2012-02-13: Last year nearly 2,000 African communities end female genital mutilation – UN;
2012-02-13: Journée internationale de lutte contre l’excision / Tolérance Zéro;
2012-02-14: Female Genital Mutilation FGM: Cameroon for UN Resolution;
2012-02-14: en finir avec cette Mutilation Genitale Feminine MGF;
2012-02-15: The Troika and the Complete Ruination of Greek Workers;
2012-02-16: Women, democracy and dictatorship;
2012-02-17: Africa: Acid Test for Democracy in Africa As 12 Nations Braced for Elections;
2012-02-17: FGM: Awareness Day Passes With Little Notice;
2012-02-18: Female genital cutting sworn off by thousands of African villages;
2012-02-19: LIBERIA: Land grab or development opportunity?
2012-02-19: 10ème EDITION FIFDH 2012 GENEVE, 2 – 11 MARS 2012;
2012-02-20: La Amazonia;
2012-02-20: Environnement, société et sécurité: les tpg à l’unige;
2012-02-21: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting FGM/C;
2012-02-22: Professor Monti’s 100 days;
2012-02-22: Mauritanie: deux villes – Tidjikja et de Moudjéria – abandonnent les MGF;
2012-02-23: How the Wisconsin Uprising Changed America and Why Its Renegade Politics Are Here to Stay;
2012-02-23: Les MGF dans la presse;
2012-02-25: Egypt: Struggles that fuelled a revolution;
2012-02-26: child-rights in Somalia: Warring parties put children at grave risk;
2012-02-26: des conséquences à connaître;
2012-02-27: Canadian Research Center Helps Fund Projects Addressing Global Food Security;
2012-02-28: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Highlights Need to End Female Genital Cutting;
2012-02-29: The Future of Food (full length);
2012-03-01: Rearrival of the judiciary law;
2012-03-02: China and the world: What a difference a decade makes;
2012-03-03: Uganda: When Pokot Men Said ‘No’ to Female Genital Mutilation;
2012-03-04: Hungary’s struggles for freedom and democracy;
2012-03-05: Work Sharing: A Creative Way to Avoid Unemployment;
2012-03-05: Les Mutilations Génitales Féminines MGF bientôt en Tunisie?
2012-03-06: Global poverty: A fall to cheer;
2012-03-06: … et toujours les MGF;
2012-03-07: Parliamentary questions;
2012-03-08: FGM/C clinic: Consultation FGM at HUG (Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting);
2012-03-08: FGM/C clinic: Consultation MSF à l’HUG (Mutilations Sexuelles Féminines);
2012-03-09: UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Yemen;
2012-03-10: Why we should celebrate International Women’s Day;
2012-03-11: The challenges of building a caring society;
2012-03-12: again: The Longest Way;
2012-03-12: Méfaits des mutilations génitales féminines MGF;
2012-03-12: Stopping female genital mutilation/cutting in Senegal;
2012-03-13: FGM / MGF – links / liens;
2012-03-14: A Charter for Women’s Rights;
2012-03-15: The Internet Indians;
2012-03-16: The downside of the Kony 2012 video;
2012-03-17: The Arab revolutions: A year after;
2012-03-18: Morocco’s reforms: Power to some other people;
2012-03-19: Celebrating women;
2012-03-19: Des milliers de fillettes échappent à la mutilation génitale grâce à un projet de l’Union Européenne UE et l’UNICEF;
2012-03-20: Lamu Port may slow down sustainable development;
2012-03-20: Je suis une femme indigène, mais je ne pratique pas la MGF;
2012-03-21: The sun never sets – How Facebook connections mirror old empires;
2012-03-22: The genocide in Namibia (1904-08) and its consequences;
2012-03-23: Congolese Vote, but who decides?
2012-03-24: Self-determination of the intersex child;
2012-03-25: Creating violence-free childhoods: what will it take?
2012-03-26: India: Tripura first state to introduce human rights course in schools;
2012-03-27: CPJ wants journalists reporting evils of FGM protected in Liberia;
2012-03-28: NPWJ News Digest on FGM & Women’s Rights;
2012-03-29: human rights, poor and the rest of us;
2012-03-30: THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: The Supreme Court Debates the Health Insurance Mandate;
2012-03-31: Learning opportunities on children’s rights;
2012-03-31: statistics March 2012 for;
2012-04-01: UN moves to curb farmland grabs;
2012-04-02: Programmes: earthrise – environmental solutions;
2012-04-02: égalité entre femmes et hommes dans votre entreprise;
2012-04-03: survival agriculture, poor, economic structures, mini farmings;
2012-04-04: Africa: From Berlin to Brussels, Will Europe underdevelop Africa again?
2012-04-05: SPIRULINA / SPIRULINE – against malnutrition / contre la malnutrition;
2012-04-06: African democracy: A glass half-full;
2012-04-06: pouquoi les MGF dans nos communautés;
2012-04-07: The South challenges globalization;
2012-04-07: Liberia: Une journaliste reçoit des menaces à cause d’une enquête;
2012-04-08: Greece: Protest of the day;
2012-04-08: L’Excision comme punition: elle risque l’excision pour son enquête sur les Sandés;
2012-04-09: Egypt’s looming economic shock doctrine;
2012-04-10: Requests for Information: 19 March – 1 April 2012;
2012-04-10: Training course for young bloggers and youth activists online;
2012-04-11: Aid, resistance and Queer power;
2012-04-12: Soweto Gospel Choir;
2012-04-12: The Food & Finance Conference;
2012-04-13: Fear of Honor Killings, Part 1: Immigrants Flee Families to Find Themselves;
2012-04-13: Les conséquences sanitaires ignorées des mutilations génitales;
2012-04-14: Good morning Tehran! Israel beams a message to Iran;
2012-04-15: Global North VS South Over Financialization of Food;
2012-04-16: What matters in raising children;
2012-04-17: DUBAI: Next door to Iran under sanctions, world looks different;
2012-04-18: HURIDOCS takes part in Alaveteli Conference – Oxford, 2 -3 April 2012;
2012-04-19: Egypt: A model capitalist?
2012-04-20: The Rio+20 Earth summit must back peasant farmers on land rights;
2012-04-21: Africa and the BRICS formation;
2012-04-22: How African dictators corrupt European politics;
2012-04-23: Talk to Al Jazeera: Why Arab women still have no voice;
2012-04-24: A 70th Birthday tribute to Walter Rodney;
2012-04-25: Cinnamon: the blood sugar stabilizer;
2012-04-26: interview with robert fisk: freedom has a sour taste for many Iraqis;
2012-04-27: The lost tribe: Isolation or inclusion, can India protect an ancient Andaman tribe on the verge of extinction?
2012-04-28: african music: Amadou SANFO;
2012-04-29: African storytellers … a large view;
2012-04-30: Egypt: Sting in the tail;
2012-04-30: Les Mutilations Génitales Féminines MGF – toujours dans la presse internationale;
2012-05-01: Africa’s Biggest Landfill Site: The Case Of Bisasar Road;
2012-05-02: Foreign investment in the time of the telegram;
2012-05-03: France’s Enigmatic François Hollande: The Man Who Always Smiles;
2012-05-04: No obvious choice;
2012-05-05: Popular resistance and corporate landgrabbing in Sierra Leone;
2012-05-06: Refounding Somalia: Constitution and Islam;
2012-05-07: Der Lauf der Dinge – The Way Things Go;
2012-05-08: Rethinking Africa’s development;
2012-05-09: Somalia, Museveni and militarising the region;
2012-05-10: Saving the lost generation of Kurds;
2012-05-11: AFRICAN UNION: Instrument of Imperialist Rule;
2012-05-12: Struggles for the promised land: Letters from West African sisters;
2012-05-13: Fighting in Mali Adds Chaos to Troubled African Region;
2012-05-14: A Dam Brings Food Insecurity to Indigenous People;
2012-05-15: Proof of Progress;
2012-05-16: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting – Mutilation Génitale Féminine;
2012-05-17: Information request: National Youth Secretariat – Brazil;
2012-05-18: Bingu’s legacy and the political future of Malawi;
2012-05-19: OWS put inequality on US agenda;
2012-05-20: In the Name of My Father;
2012-05-21: The last stretch;
2012-05-22: Of flowers and thorns: Where has public gone in public service?
2012-05-23: Haïti, Africa, Aristide: The history of one humanity;
2012-05-24: Finding Punt: Africa’s last, lost great civilization is in Eritrea;
2012-05-25: On-line dialogue: Archiving Human Rights for Advocacy, Justice and Memory – now open;
2012-05-26: Cameroon: Forests pressured as leaders welcome palm oil investors;
2012-05-27: Solar suitcase aids doctors in developing world;
2012-05-28: The Miracle Next Door: Poland Emerges as a Central European Powerhouse;
2012-05-29: African unity: revisiting the popular uprisings of the North;
2012-05-30: Illegal Immigrants in Greece: At the Mercy of the People Smugglers;
2012-05-31: Egypt’s next president in the eyes of Palestinians;
2012-06-01: les mutilations génitales féminines / l’excision;
2012-06-01: Missing Out: Some Poles Left Behind Despite Economic Success;
2012-06-02: some links around humanitarian questions;
2012-06-03: Revolutions are not decided by elections;
2012-06-04: The militarisation of poverty in Africa;
2012-06-05: Your brain and the science behind sexuality;
2012-06-06: Sacrificing Mubarak to Save His Regime;
2012-06-07: Quebec’s student uprising: An interview with Amir Khadir;
2012-06-08: The elusive dream: women and sleep;
2012-06-09: Egypt’s revolution: Bread, freedom, social justice and why global solidarity matters;
2012-06-10: Nigeria: How do we make sense of our predicament?
2012-06-11: Egypt: Persisting uncertainty;
2012-06-12: Africa + Europe = Yannick Noah;
2012-06-13: Making Work Pay;
2012-06-14: Hubris as the Evil Force in History;
2012-06-15: Justice on the rocks: The demise of the people’s court;
2012-06-16: Soy farming and land grab in the Brazilian Amazon – The Water Channel;
2012-06-17: New film sows seeds of freedom;
2012-06-18: Complicit neighbours: Rwanda, Uganda and East DRC;
2012-06-19: Assad Will Breathe A Sigh Of Relief At Death Of Arab Spring;
2012-06-20: Women and property: some insights from African history;
2012-06-21: World Day Against Child Labour;
2012-06-22: In the Name of Allah: Islamic Mediators and Germany’s Two Legal Systems – part 1;
2012-06-23: Hit Squads in the Amazon;
2012-06-24: The revolution and the emancipation of women;
2012-06-25: Ban FGM Campaign;
2012-06-25: histoire cachée du peuple Africain;
2012-06-26: Rodney and the concept of labour;
2012-06-27: Empire, Language, Economy and Syria;
2012-06-28: Third International Conference on Human Rights Education;
2012-06-28: Europe: Child circumcision ‘an assault,’ says court;
2012-06-29: At the Crossroads of the Most Serious Economic Crisis In World History;
2012-06-30: The Attraction of Tax Breaks: Switzerland Grows into Global Commodities Hub;
2012-07-01: HAITI: Humanitarian Aid for Earthquake Victims Used to Build Five Star Hotels;
2012-07-01: ATTAC Info-Bulletin vom 25. Juni 2012;
2012-07-02: Vanderbilts prescription for health care equality;
2012-07-02: En Suisse, elle donne une voix à sa douleur;
2012-07-02: halte aux MGF – more links;
2012-07-03: Raising children at a critical time;
2012-07-04: Power to the People, but not all of them;
2012-07-05: In Health Ruling, Relief for Obama but a Blow to Conventional Wisdom;
2012-07-06: BABSEA CLE seeking volunteer law school clinicians;
2012-07-07: Rwanda: No justice without reparation;
2012-07-08: Up and Coming in Kampala: Africa’s Growing Middle Class Drives Development;
2012-07-09: glaciers / gletscher = beauty and power of the nature;
2012-07-09: New claims of rights abuses in World Bank-funded land grabs;
2012-07-10: Growing Africa’s land;
2012-07-11: Thoughts for independent Algeria’s 50th birthday;
2012-07-11: Fribourg: Condamnation d’une Somalienne pour avoir exposé sa demi-sœur à l’excision;
2012-07-12: Pregnancy and childbirth: It’s a woman’s right to choose;
2012-07-13: Groundbreaking Report on Zoonotic Diseases and Poverty;
2012-07-14: Sustainable Land Management Specialist Chris Reij Discusses Re-Greening In Africa;
2012-07-15: Governments Exist to Further the Interests of Favored Groups;
2012-07-16: Asset holes: US ‘leadership’ in money, credit, CAFR surplus trillions;
2012-07-17: Academia as a site of class struggle;
2012-07-18: Flamenco out of India with Anoushka and Ravi Shankar;
2012-07-18: Les femmes les plus puissantes d’Afrique: Classement des cinq femmes africaines;
2012-07-19: Dances;
2012-07-19: Training on Understanding Economic, Social and Cultural Rights;
2012-07-20: 10 things about African women’s leadership;
2012-07-20: Mutilations Génitales Féminines MGF;
2012-07-21: Blood antiquities in respectable havens;
2012-07-22: NGOs to set up task force for RTE complaints;
2012-07-23: FGM – MGF in the media;
2012-07-24: Internal security officer named in Uganda land dispute;
2012-07-25: Vinay Venkatraman: Technology crafts for the digitally underserved;
2012-07-26: A Possible Strategy for Organized Labor;
2012-07-27: a website fulll of splendid pictures;
2012-07-28: Freedom is slavery, popular support is authoritarianism;
2012-07-29: Learning opportunities on children’s rights;
2012-07-30: Initiative Integritas;
2012-07-31: Yanni in music;
2012-08-01: Behind the Great Firewall of China;
2012-08-02: Paleo Festival Nyon 2012: some Artists;
2012-08-03: The New Student Rebellion and the Mexican Left;
2012-08-04: Divide and Rule in the Land of Gold;
2012-08-05: Emerging Powers in Africa Initiative;
2012-08-06: The Fahamu Pan-African Fellowship FPAF;
2012-08-07: Russia’s largest Muslim region to clamp down on extremism;
2012-08-08: Vera’s Kidney, Walter’s Money: Desperation, Greed and the Global Organ Trade;
2012-08-08: FORUM DES CULTURES: Chanter contre l’excision;
2012-08-09: People as Surplus/Unnecessary Humans;
2012-08-10: Oliver Shanti and his friends;
2012-08-11: Farm Lands of Africa announces execution of an agreement …;
2012-08-12: Living with the Trees of Life;
2012-08-13: False Flag Terror and Conspiracies of Silence;
2012-08-14: Developing Children;
2012-08-15: Defense Motion Details Horrific Conditions Bradley Manning Was Subjected to at Quantico;
2012-08-16: What If There Were No Police?
2012-08-17: Goldman Sachs Free to Keep Stealing;
2012-08-17: Une alternative urgente à la logique infernale du capital;
2012-08-18: A Fundamental Human Right: Ecuador Grants Assange Political Asylum;
2012-08-18: Mutilations Génitales Féminines MGF;
2012-08-18: Comité des observateurs des droits de l’Homme CODHO;
2012-08-19: again the Soweto Gospel Choir;
2012-08-20: Howard Zinn’s Zen Politics;
2012-08-21: USA: Smith Act trials of Communist Party leaders (1949 to 1958);
2012-08-22: There’s Only One Solution That Might Fix Our Corrupt Financial System;
2012-08-23: The Cost of Hunger: Drought Only One Factor Behind High Food Prices;
2012-08-24: Hedges and Sacco, A Twenty-First Century American Sacrifice Zone;
2012-08-25: Responsible farmland investing? Current efforts to regulate land grabs will make things worse;
2012-08-26: Toward a New Beginning – On Another Road, The Alternative to the Micro-Sect (1971);
2012-08-27: How to create your own NGO;
2012-08-28: Inside U.S.-Soviet Relations during the Carter-Brezhnev Period;
2012-08-29: Female Genital Mutilation: A Crime Against Women;
2012-08-30: Five Holistic Alternative Farming Methods: Agroecology at its Best;
2012-08-31: Can democracy exist without trust?
2012-09-01: Didi refuses to acquire land for AIIMS;
2012-09-01: Humanitarian Law;
2012-09-02: Marikana miners: The massacre of our illusions;
2012-09-03: Why Bondholders Can’t, and Shouldn’t, be Paid: Wall Street’s War on the Cities;
2012-09-04: China or bust;
2012-09-05: Recycling Architecture;
2012-09-06: No woman should be missed out;
2012-09-07: Migrants from Europe bringing girls to tolerant Britain for genital mutilation;
2012-09-07: Excision: 100.000 FCFA pour un clitoris coupé;
2012-09-08: Labor Day Without Jobs: Exposing the Job Creator Fraud;
2012-09-09: Egypt: Getting it together;
2012-09-10: The Dirty Business of Cleaning Cars;
2012-09-11: Myths About Industrial Agriculture;
2012-09-12: Germany gains from Spain’s brain drain;
2012-09-13: Africa: Building Africa’s Green Economy;
2012-09-14: Greater efforts vital to prevent grave violations against children in conflict;
2012-09-15: Incarceration of Indigenous Women;
2012-09-16: 9/11-linked cancers to be covered by Zadroga Act;
2012-09-17: Islamists vs secularists on constitution;
2012-09-18: Female Genital Mutilation FGM – in Egypt and the U.S.;
2012-09-19: Committee on the Rights of the Child opens its sixty-first session;
2012-09-20: Early Marriage 1 and 2;
2012-09-21: Zero Point, FULL MOVIES;
2012-09-22: India announces big bang economic reforms;
2012-09-23: Africa: Education Holds the Key to Africa’s Development;
2012-09-24: Moyen orient et désinformation;
2012-09-24: A Muslim need not break or burn;
2012-09-25: QE3 Another Fed Give Away to the Banks;
2012-09-26: OSCE/ODIHR launches new human rights education guidelines for law enforcement officials and secondary school systems;
2012-09-26: … et toujours les MGF dans les media …;
2012-09-27: High Level Side Event on Female Genital Mutilation;
2012-09-28: Oxfam Action Corps: Growing a Better Food System through Action and Conversation;
2012-09-29: A funny thing happened on the way to the teaching of neoclassical economics;
2012-10-01: The New Germans: Immigrant Children’s Complicated Search for Identity – Part 1;
2012-10-02: Julian Assange Declared Enemy of the State;
2012-10-02: Droits de l’enfant et secteur privé;
2012-10-03: Noam Chomsky on world’s ownership and progress;
2012-10-04: Nikola Tesla’s unlimited free energy forever;
2012-10-05: Is Iran Telling Us Something We Don’t Want To Hear?
2012-10-06: The road to inequality is paved with low-paying jobs (2 charts);
2012-10-07: Julian Assange supporters plead to keep £140,000 bail money;
2012-10-08: Black Financial and Fraud Report;
2012-10-09: Issues That Obama and Romney Avoid;
2012-10-09: encore et toujours les MGF;
2012-10-10: The Crisis of Education as a Public Good;
2012-10-11: India’s fratricidal caste divisions;
2012-10-12: A New Global Architecture for Sustainability Governance;
2012-10-13: Financial Crime in London’s Parasites Paradise, or the Best Sanctuary Money Can Buy;
2012-10-14: Relaxing and Healing Music – for Peace;
2012-10-15: South Africa’s Eastern Cape, a thorn in Zuma’s side;
2012-10-16: Back in Africa;
2012-10-17: diving memories with a leopard shark;
2012-10-17: Living Alone: The Rise of Capitalism and the Decline of Families;
2012-10-18: Lifting the Veil on NRO Satellite Systems and Ground Stations;
2012-10-19: An Unnecessary Death in New York;
2012-10-20: Iranian-Americans’ California dreaming;
2012-10-21: Lenin on Anarchism and Opportunism;
2012-10-22: Verdict in Somali Hijacking Case;
2012-10-22: Majid Majidi’s Address To Istanbul World Forum;
2012-10-23: Fighting female genital mutilation: one Kurdish village at a time;
2012-10-24: Human Rights Education – several programs in action;
2012-10-25: World’s super rich almost unaffected by debt crisis;
2012-10-26: An Experiment in Radical Education;
2012-10-27: Two Fridays and beyond;
2012-10-28: Tourism tips;
2012-10-29: India against corruption but Indians for corruption;
2012-10-30: 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation;
2012-10-31: Analysis: The win-win potential of microinsurance for migrants;
2012-10-31: Hurrican Sandy;
2012-11-01: the Creature from Jekyll Island;
2012-11-02: Skating on thin ice;
2012-11-03: A catastrophic hour;
2012-11-04: Stirring up racist hate for political gain;
2012-11-05: The Presidential Election and the Prospects for a Decent Future;
2012-11-05: The Bilderbergs … and we the others;
2012-11-06: Investments and Pension reforms around Africa: Wake up, domestic giants;
2012-11-07: Malawi: Courageous Move to Suspend Anti-Gay Laws;
2012-11-08: The Name of the Hurricane Is Climate Change;
2012-11-09: Can China get old and rich at the same time?
2012-11-10: Book comming next: Domestic Workers Across the World;
2012-11-11: Unrequited Love;
2012-11-12: Food World;
2012-11-12: Female Genital Mutilation FGM;
2012-11-13: Intruding Upon the Constitution by the Religious Right;
2012-11-13: Mutilation Génitale Féminine MGF;
2012-11-14: Out of the Margins: Shifting Demographics Change Face of US Campaigns, Part I;
2012-11-15: The constitution goes to the vote;
2012-11-15: 3ème Salon des Métiers de l’Humanitaire;
2012-11-16: Beyond Regulators’ Grasp: How Shadow Banks Rule the World;
2012-11-17: What Does It Mean that Residents in All 50 States Have Filed Petitions to Secede?
2012-11-18: Germany or Bust: Southern European Jobseekers Head North in Droves;
2012-11-18: Geschichte Europas;
2012-11-19: Life in Bangladesh;
2012-11-20: Human rights learning as a way of life;
2012-11-21: Global governance requires localising global issues;
2012-11-22: The Real Scoop on Papa John’s and Obamacare;
2012-11-23: Bahrain repressed protesters with West’s tacit approval;
2012-11-24: Concert de soutien contre l’excision avec Flash Nardin’;
2012-11-25: Planet to sell / Planète à vendre;
2012-11-26: Playing For Change;
2012-11-27: Should Africa Repay its Odious’ Debts?
2012-11-28: Morsi’s Grab for Power: Egyptian Revolutionaries Take on Radical Islam;
2012-11-29: Cooperatives in Spain as an instrument to face unemployment;
2012-11-30: World Energy Report;
2012-11-30: EXCISION / MGF;
2012-12-01: Project, digital education;
2012-12-02: Retail in developing countries: Selling sisters;
2012-12-03: UK: Legal Services for Children;
2012-12-03: Père Maroun Attalah: Au-delà des identités meurtrières;
2012-12-03: Annemasse, ville en train de devenir partenaire de la Genève Internationale;
2012-12-04: Free Transit and Beyond;
2012-12-05: Palestine 2012: Gaza and the UN Resolution;
2012-12-06: In Tahrir, the beginning and End of a Pharaoh;
2012-12-07: Islamist Intimidation: The Battle for the Future of Tunisia, Part 1;
2012-12-08: Mali: the fight for the north;
2012-12-09: We Plant a Seed, We Grow Our Future;
2012-12-09: Filles et garçons, l’enjeu des différences;
2012-12-10: The Left in Government, a strategic project;
2012-12-11: Cautious Hope: A Moment of Dialogue in the Chaos of Congo;
2012-12-12: Ban FGM worldwide;
2012-12-13: Military Mission: Paris Pushing for Risky Intervention in Mali;
2012-12-14: more about Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab;
2012-12-15: Poverty and Social Exclusion Rising in Greece;
2012-12-16: 97% Owned;
2012-12-17: The story of Zimbabwe’s Marange diamonds: Pollution, Politics, Power;
2012-12-18: Workers in 10 countries call for an end to the silencing of workers at walmart;
2012-12-18: Verschuldung, Arbeit, Eurobetrug, Medienmanipulation;
2012-12-19: The five pillars of the growing inequality in the U.S.;
2012-12-20: Could you survive on $2 a day?
2012-12-20: La France signataire du Protocole facultatif au Pacte international relatif aux droits économiques, sociaux et culturels PIDESC;
2012-12-21: Message from the WSIS Team;
2012-12-21: Introduction d’une école communautaire au Bade-Wurtemberg (Germany);
2012-12-21: Upcoming courses on children’s rights;
2012-12-22: A Global Perspective on American Child Deaths;
2012-12-22: Youth Consultation: Addressing Inequalities in the Post-2015;
2012-12-23: Conference: Human Rights and Democracy in Action;
2012-12-23: Mutilations Génitales Féminines – au Nigéria et ailleurs;
2012-12-24: christmas songs;
2012-12-25: Religious freedom at a crossroads;
2012-12-26: Post-revolution policing;
2012-12-27: Wild Carpathia 2011 Land of Dracula;
2012-12-28: Esclave à cinq ans;
2012-12-28: Senate set to approve FISA spying bill;
2012-12-29: Workers in the Global North: A Labour Aristocracy?
2012-12-30: La Belle Verte;
2012-12-31: The Miracle of Wenchi: Ethiopian Kids Using Tablets to Teach Themselves;
2013-01-01: IRAQ: No future for al-Qaeda’s children;
2013-01-01: 2013 Fireworks;
2013-01-02: Corporate Hijacking of Food and Agriculture;
2013-01-03: Education policies hitting teachers’ morale, poll finds;
2013-01-04: Golden Arches and Broken Dreams: American Cities Drown in Debt;
2013-01-04: En Égypte, le spectre du retour de l’excision;
2013-01-05: Ndiyindoda: I am a man;
2013-01-06: Ken Robinson: RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms;
2013-01-07: Special report UK: Female genital mutilation, unreported, ignored and unpunished;
2013-01-08: European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation 2013/2014;
2013-01-09: RSA Animate – The Power of Outrospection;
2013-01-10: I fought for my life … and won;
2013-01-11: Cloud surfing: US surveilance act grave threat to EU sovereignty;
2013-01-11: GERMANY and FRANCE, half a century of friendship;
2013-01-11: Rencontre & Soirée poétique avec ISSA MAKHLOUF,
2013-01-12: Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood: Who Really Holds the Reins in Egypt?
2013-01-13: How We Liberated A House;
2013-01-13: Excision / MFG en Afrique;
2013-01-14: Child recruitment by armed groups in Central African Republic;
2013-01-15: For people doing projects in the developing world;
2013-01-16: As Fracking Moratorium Nears Expiration, Activists Vow Civil Disobedience;
2013-01-17: Child Malnutrition: Need to rethink the strategy and focus more on Adolescent Girls;
2013-01-18: Rutherford Institute calls on Virginia General Assembly;
2013-01-19: still about land grab;
2013-01-20: The Lack of Critical Class Consciousness;
2013-01-21: Syrian children paying terrible price;
2013-01-22: Water Grabbing to Follow Food Speculation?
2013-01-23: USA: How To Defend the Public Sector;
2013-01-24: The African-American Army;
2013-01-25: MLK’s legacy and the labour movement;
2013-01-26: Democratic Republic of Congo DRC;
2013-01-27: Performance videos;
2013-01-27: Exhibition at the United Nations Geneva UNOG;
2013-01-28: Is political sovereignty possiblewithout energy sovereignty?
2013-01-29: Tuttu’s Children: Episode 3, Getting to the heart of leadership;
2013-01-30: Whither Tahrir dreams?
2013-01-31: Algiers, a city where France is the promised land – and still the enemy;
2013-02-01: Behind the mask;
2013-02-02: Political lessons of the Athens subway strike;
2013-02-03: Can Egypt become an emerging democracy?
2013-02-04: Senators release blueprint for Obama’s immigration reform;
2013-02-05: Syrian town begins a return to civilian life;
2013-02-06: No jobs and no workers? Strange contradictions of capital accumulation in Australia;
2013-02-07: Mariages forcés ou précoces et excision des jeunes filles;
2013-02-07: Boots on the ground in the Sahel: Drugs, the new alternative economy of West Africa;
2013-02-08: Majoring in minors: Turning our schools into totalitarian enclaves;
2013-02-09: Serious political activism is a lifelong endeavor;
2013-02-10: Happy Birthday, Educator: Ten Easy Lessons on How Not to be a Sucker;
2013-02-11: Is The International Student Movement The Future Of Global Organizing?
2013-02-12: How One CA County Clerk Stopped Prop 37′s Oversight Recount;
2013-02-13: Campus Fightbacks in the Age of Austerity;
2013-02-13: UN spécial MGF/FGM;
2013-02-14: NON à l’excision;
2013-02-15: End the war on women;
2013-02-15: L’excision menace encore des fillettes en France, surtout pendant les vacances;
2013-02-16: Bank of America Bombshell: Whistleblowers Reveal Orchestrated Coverup and Massive Borrower Harm;
2013-02-16: Comment combattre l’excision;
2013-02-17: Child Brides;
2013-02-17: Mutilations génitales féminines: 13 filles excisées à Watinoma dans la Sissili, cinq personnes aux arrêts;
2013-02-18: Strategizing to Defeat Control Unit Prisons and Solitary Confinement;
2013-02-18: les mutilations génitales féminines en débat;
2013-02-19: Some things that should NEVER be PRIVATIZED in a Democracy;
2013-02-19: Saint-Denis/(France): ici, les chirurgiens réparent l’excision;
2013-02-20: Corporations, investors grabbing land and water overseas;
2013-02-21: Profiting From Human Misery;
2013-02-22: Cooperatives: Egypt’s farmers sowing the seeds of an agricultural revolution;
2013-02-22: L’excision est un crime contre l’humanité;
2013-02-23: Protection of the Citizen;
2013-02-24: Diseases spreading in Syria as WASH systems collapse;
2013-02-25: Wall Street, Banks, Politics;
2013-02-25: proPhilo ouvre ses portes;
2013-02-26: Our Money, Banks, Politics;
2013-02-27: Credo Mutwa;
2013-02-28: Videos about conflict in Mali;
2013-02-28: Today Bradley Manning to take stand to justify WikiLeaks releases;
2013-03-01: India: Over 100 Million Stop Work;
2013-03-02: Strike Debt, Imagine Life;
2013-03-03: Sustainable intensification – miracle or mirage?
2013-03-03: Lutte contre l’excision: des efforts restent encore à fournir en Guinée;
2013-03-04: Western Sahara occupied, Africa re-colonised;
2013-03-04: Indre-et-Loire – Justice: La jeune lycéenne échappe à l’excision;
2013-03-05: The Greek Catastrophe: economic progress built on rotten political foundations;
2013-03-06: Afghan women unleashing their business potential;
2013-03-07: New Funding Group calls for 100 more WikiLeaks;
2013-03-07: Côte d’Ivoire: Quatre personnes condamnées pour pratique d’excision à Danané;
2013-03-08: Storming the Corridors of Power: A Manifesto for Working Women;
2013-03-09: One billion women and men rising … for a better world;
2013-03-10: Chávez’s Chief Legacy: Building with People an Alternative Society to Capitalism;
2013-03-11: The hidden crisis: Women, social reproduction and the political economy of care in Africa;
2013-03-12: Britain: How can women win liberation?
2013-03-12: Londres s’investit dans la lutte contre l’excision;
2013-03-13: Combating the Under-Representation of Women in the Media;
2013-03-14: Bradley Manning: US Army like child torturing ants with a magnifying glass;
2013-03-15: A campaign against FGM Female genital mutilation;
2013-03-16: Water for Africa;
2013-03-17: watch The Real Baltimore on these videos;
2013-03-18: Cheney’s legacy in Iraq;
2013-03-19: Talk to Al Jazeera with Nur Misuari: We had to fight for it;
2013-03-20: Housing Bubble II: But This Time It’s Different;
2013-03-21: UN Resolution 2093 endorses state building mission for Somalia;
2013-03-22: about US vs.IRAN;
2013-03-23: The Last Letter: A Message to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran;
2013-03-23: Excision: Loué par les exciseuses, ce mode opératoire qui bouscule la vision de la lutte;
2013-03-24: Introducing Brics From Above, And Brics-From-Below;
2013-03-25: New battle lines;
2013-03-26: No joke for establishment parties;
2013-03-27: US: Monsanto Protection Act slips silently through US Congress;
2013-03-28: Kurdish Independence: Negotiations with Turkey Are a Dead End;
2013-03-29: Monsanto Bullies Small Farmers Over Planting Harvested GMO Seeds;
2013-03-30: Corporatism or the true face of terrorism;
2013-03-31: The Truth About Apprenticeships;
2013-04-01: Learning Outcomes Assessments: A Human Rights Perspective briefing;
2013-04-01: Sénégal: des députés pour l’abandon de l’excision2013-04-02: Challenges of the BRICS;
2013-04-03: Reducing unemployment: Lessons from Germany;
2013-04-04: Request for Proposal RFP no. LRQS-AMA-2013-9106153;
2013-04-05: Kamalpha – Computerized Literacy Centre;
2013-04-06: Monsanto announces huge profits despite public backlash;
2013-04-07: Making Disaster Pay;
2013-04-08: GLOBAL INVESTIGATION: Inside the Offshore Global Money Maze;
2013-04-09: NATO in the Arctic: Cowboys and Indians redux?
2013-04-10: Secret Pakistan;
2013-04-10: Female genital mutilation: the UK must act now;
2013-04-11: The Homeless Tunnel People That Live Under The Streets of America;
2013-04-12: Punishing children for poverty;
2013-04-13: good links remaining on my dashboard;
2013-04-14: Angela Davis, Freedom and the Politics of Higher Education;
2013-04-15: Bank-money and the betrayal of democracy;
2013-04-16: Chávez’s legacy, African solidarity and the African American people;
2013-04-17: Tribute to Chris Hani on the 20th anniversary of his assassination;
2013-04-18: Bleak future for Central African children;
2013-04-19: War on Whistleblowers;
2013-04-20: Reform in Egypt must start with women;
2013-04-21: UNICEF: U.S. kids worse off than many of their Western counterparts;
2013-04-22: Nicaragua Notes: The Watchmen, the Hunters and Gatherers, the Street Vendors;
2013-04-23: Built (Not) to Last: Hackerspaces Resurrect Broken Appliances;
2013-04-24: India/Chhattisgarh: The Bastar Land Grab;
2013-04-25: The United States shows its contempt for Venezuelan democracy;
2013-04-26: Why the Tsarnaevs? Why not?
2013-04-26: toujours l’excision/les MGF;
2013-04-27: Tackling female genital mutilation taboo in Birmingham;
2013-04-28: India: POSCO versus people’s claims;
2013-04-29: Egypt: Judgement day;
2013-04-30: A Grand Coalition for austerity in Italy;
2013-05-01: A lethal cocktail for Africa;
2013-05-02: May Day 2013, workers of the world unite;
2013-05-03: The Life and Death of Words, People, and Even Nature;
2013-05-04: Back to basics;
2013-05-05: Divers In Paradise;
2013-05-06: Missed Opportunity? Hopes Pinned on NSU Trial May Be Dashed, Part 1;
2013-05-07: The Climate of Capitalism;
2013-05-08: UNRISD Conference: The true potential of the social and solidarity economy;
2013-05-09: Ai Weiwei Interview: I Want To Put Up a Fight, Part 1;
2013-05-10: Cuba: Letter to Fidel from FAO Director General;
2013-05-11: Mexican Worker-Run Tire Factory a Success;
2013-05-12: New Study Claims: Over 250,000 Died From 2011 Somalia Famine, U.S.-Al Shabaab Savagery To Blame;
2013-05-13: Good-bye Dubai? Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Facilities …;
2013-05-14: Who are the real criminals?
2013-05-15: Austerity Has Lost All Credibility & Threatens Social Upheaval;
2013-05-16: As Europe is provincialized: a reply to Etienne Balibar;
2013-05-17: Mother Brings Baby Back to Life With Two Hours Of Loving Cuddles;
2013-05-18: Portugal’s Left Bloc Confronts Austerity;
2013-05-19: It’s time for Spain’s indignados to grow up;
2013-05-20: free or imposed Aid: help or meddling;
2013-05-21: Female Genital Mutilation FGM is not cultural, it’s violence;
2013-05-22: Challenging the Claim that Microfinance Loans Result in Poverty Reduction;
2013-05-23: Miracle in the Sahara: Oasis Sediments Archive Dramatic History, Part 1;
2013-05-24: Reinventing Guatemalan History;
2013-05-25: Tales in a Kabul restaurant;
2013-05-26: Declaration of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America ALBA;
2013-05-28: UK must hold separate inquiries into Iraqi civilian deaths, High Court rules;
2013-05-29: Cereal Banks Protect Against Famine and Empower Women Across the Sahel;
2013-05-29: The NHS clinics helping victims of genital mutilation;
2013-05-30: Signs of the Coming Revolution in America’s Education System;
2013-05-30: Ethiopia’s Bogaletch Gebre wins King Baudouin Prize;
2013-05-31: Upcoming human rights e-learning courses, June-July 2013;
2013-06-01: Distorted Stats: Europe’s Youth Unemployment Fallacy;
2013-06-02: … on poverty and more …;
2013-06-03: Everyday Anarchist: The Modern Success;
2013-06-04: Bradley Manning;
2013-06-05: The Poor People’s Campaign: Our Next Steps;
2013-06-06: Notes from an NYC Occupier in Taksim Square;
2013-06-07: World Environment Day 2013: Five Ways to Preserve Food and Prevent Waste;
2013-06-08: What inspires Turkey’s protest movement?
2013-06-08: CETRI: 4 conférences au mois de juin 2013;2013-06-09: China-Africa relations: looking beyond the critics;
2013-06-10: Bradley Manning: Prisoner of Conscience;
2013-06-10: MGF;
2013-06-11: Education;
2013-06-12: ECB Case at High Court: The Bundesbank Is Playing a Dangerous Game;
2013-06-13: Court Order Reveals Unprecedented Government Surveillance of Verizon Cell Phone Customers;
2013-06-14: Soher Ebrahim, Egyptian Girl, 13, Dies After Illegal Female Genital Mutilation FGM;
2013-06-15: Germany and the euro: The euro zone looks anxiously to Karlsruhe;
2013-06-16: Chemical, used by Monsanto, found in urine of Europeans – study;
2013-06-17: Putting the Culture Back in Agriculture;
2013-06-18: We need to overturn the system;
2013-06-19: The Making of a Global Security State;
2013-06-20: Khadamas for Sale: Child Exploitation Bonanza;
2013-06-21: GMO and Monsanto Roundup: Glyphosate Weedkiller in our Food and Water?
2013-06-22: Christian Saviors and the Adoptions Industry in Congo;
2013-06-23: UK Spying Scandal Even Bigger Than In U.S.;
2013-06-24: Trapped in Apulia: Europe’s Deepening Refugee Crisis, Part 1;
2013-06-25: Loud and Clear: Women’s Rights In Action;
2013-06-26: Prisons Full of Innocents;
2013-06-26: NSPCC launches helpline to protect girls from female genital mutilation FGM;
2013-06-27: The land of the blind: The illusion of freedom in America;
2013-06-28: 6 Mind-Blowing Stats;
2013-06-29: World order unjust and immoral! Ecuador’s Correa rips into Snowden coverage;
2013-06-30: World’s Most Evil And Lawless Institution? The Executive Branch Of The U.S. Government;
2013-07-01: To the streets, anyway;
2013-07-02: US-Taliban talks: a lesson for Kagame and Museveni;
2013-07-03: Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out;
2013-07-04: The structural problem of misogyny;
2013-07-05: Egypt’s Revolution: Between The Streets And The Army;
2013-07-06: Embarrassing holes as US govt rests case against Bradley Manning;
2013-07-07: Made in Bangladesh: Greed, Globalization and the Dhaka Tragedy, Part 1;
2013-07-08: Everybody in Guantanamo has been tortured or abused, former detainee;
2013-07-09: Suppressed FREE Energy Device is Finally Exposed, After 100 Years!
2013-07-09: Animation de communautés de recherche philosophique CRP;
2013-07-10: Sense, sensibilities and spying;
2013-07-11: Report: Chavismo After Chávez, What Was Created? What Remains?
2013-07-12: Interview with Carol Strickman, from Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity;
2013-07-13: Learning the Right Lessons in Egypt;
2013-07-14: Malala Yousafzai’s diary inspires other Pashtun girls yearning for education;
2013-07-15: Tearing Down the Ivory Tower: a Defense of Vocational Education;
2013-07-16: The Silent Humanitarian Crises Beyond East Africa;
2013-07-17: Anti-Black racism and the expansion of sexual citizenship;
2013-07-18: Zimmerman’s Acquittal and the Call for a New Civil Rights Movement;
2013-07-19: The American Prospect: a Challenge to Teach for America’s Corporate Orientation;
2013-07-20: The Peak Prosperity Video Channel;
2013-07-21: Egypt’s inexorable revolution;
2013-07-22: US Courts Approve Indefinite Detention and Torture;
2013-07-23: People of colour like me have been painted out of working-class history;
2013-07-24: Increasing Attacks: Piracy Shifts Coasts in Africa;
2013-07-25: Immutable Egypt-Gaza bonds;
2013-07-26: Growing threat of radical rebels infiltrating ranks of Syrian rebels;
2013-07-27: Arab Peoples are heading toward Defeat, Decline, and even Suicide;
2013-07-28: Big Mama and the Massacre: ICC’s Reputation at Risk in Kenya;
2013-07-29: Lessons for Brazil from South Africa;
2013-07-30: Hunger in Africa: the Swazi Study;
2013-07-31: Hardwired Inequality in America;
2013-08-01: Chris Hedges;
2013-08-01: raus aus der Euro-Falle;
2013-08-02: blow the whistle, face life in jail: progressives slam verdict in Manning case;
2013-08-03: US: The Great Eviction;
2013-08-03: Gesichter der Armut;
2013-08-04: When we were Woodstock (3);
2013-08-05: Beyond the Double Standard: Towards a Real Liberation Politics;
2013-08-06: A Path Forward for Egypt’s Revolution;
2013-08-06: Max Uthoff;
2013-08-07: Bradley Manning verdict convicts Washington;
2013-08-08: Convos With My 2 Year Old daughter;
2013-08-08: Comment la Faim tue toutes les 4 secondes;
2013-08-09: The Crime of the Century;
2013-08-10: We Won’t Pay: Greek activists reconnect power to poverty-stricken homes;
2013-08-11: Tanzania: Smallholder farmers lose in most govt programmes;
2013-08-12: Merkel’s European Failure: Germany Dozes on a Volcano;
2013-08-13: Muslim Brotherhood treats children as pawns. Where’s the outcry?
2013-08-14: Angela Davis on YouTube;
2013-08-15: Vijay Prashad on YouTube;
2013-08-16: UK – Left Unity: Comparing the Platforms;
2013-08-17: Treating EVERYONE like a potential terrorist weakens our ability to protect America;
2013-08-18: 5 Steps That Offer the Best Hope For Egypt’s Future;
2013-08-19: A riven nation: No fear of death;
2013-08-20: Malawians brace for another year of hunger;
2013-08-21: Trafficking handicapped children and the economy of misery;
2013-08-22: The Fearless One: Rape Trial Galvanizes India;
2013-08-23: Doctors sound alarm on child fitness and health;
2013-08-23: Kein Knebelgesetz für Afghanistans Frauen;
2013-08-24: FEMNET’s Herstory: Advocating for the rights of African women;
2013-08-25: Manning’s Biggest Revelation of All;
2013-08-26: New learning opportunities on children’s rights;
2013-08-27: Manning should be praised;
2013-08-28: Pinching pensions to keep Wall Street fat and happy;
2013-08-29: Civil Disobedience as Law Enforcement;
2013-08-30: Aging Together: A New Way to Avoid Late-Life Loneliness, Part 1;
2013-08-31: Venezuela: the Commune has to be the new Economic Power;
2013-09-01: Snowden leaks: NSA conducted 231 offensive cyber-ops in 2011, hailed as active defense;
2013-09-02: Syria: If Britain is unwilling to help the rebels, it should open its doors to Syrian refugees;
2013-09-03: Globe-trotting universities serve diplomacy and markets, not democracy;
2013-09-04: Yousef Alhelou reporting from Gaza;
2013-09-05: And Then There Was One;
2013-09-06: Humanitarian Links;
2013-09-07: This Bombardment of Syria Clichés Shows No Sign of Stopping;
2013-09-08: Welcome to Britain: Go Home or Face Arrest;
2013-09-09: with Noam Chomsky;
2013-09-10: Commentary: A future for the Brotherhood?
2013-09-11: Why Bernie Sanders Opposes U.S. Strike on Syria;
2013-09-12: 2 videos on civil disobedience;
2013-09-13: THE WORLD SET FREE;
2013-09-14: Can Africa tell its own stories?
2013-09-15: Teachers Striking Back in Chicago;
2013-09-15: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machine;
2013-09-16: After Fukushima;
2013-09-17: Bold Swiss Ballot Plan Tries Economic Democracy;
2013-09-17: Shocking Confession;
2013-09-18: WHO (World Health Organization) refuses to publish report;
2013-09-18: Dirk Müller;
2013-09-19: Terence McKenna;
2013-09-20: Humanitarian Murder;
2013-09-21: They’re free, independent and ready to party in Chiapas;
2013-09-22: Beating Swords Into Solar Panels;
2013-09-23: Misconstruing a UN report;
2013-09-24: International Day of Peace;
2013-09-25: Mad, Mad, Mad World of At-Will Work;
2013-09-26: Patrick Bond on the Global Economy;
2013-09-27: UK: Buses may not be sexy, but they are a lifeline for our poorest citizens;
2013-09-28: Military Tatoos;
2013-09-28: EUPOLY;
2013-09-29: Egypt: The right gamble;
2013-09-30: The USA and Saudi Arabia: a monstrous relationship;
2013-10-01: Wall Street to Planet Earth: We Don’t Mind and You Don’t Matter;
2013-10-02: Ms. Kalashnikov: The Women Rebels of Congo;
2013-10-02: West may fail to bring Syrian opposition to Geneva talks in time – Lavrov;
2013-10-03: Chaos in Rome: Berlusconi Tricks Spark Fear in Europe;
2013-10-04: The resource curse, or the paradox of poverty from plenty;
2013-10-05: Diplomatic Meddling? President Maduro takes action against the U.S. State Department;
2013-10-06:’s weekly newsletter;
2013-10-07: American exceptionalism as exemplified by US international lawlessness;
2013-10-08: From Pension Fund Socialism to Pension Fund Capitalism?
2013-10-08: Demokratischer Kapitalismus?
2013-10-09: United Nation’s calendar of all conferences and meetings;
2013-10-10: Sudanese women: you can beat us but you cannot break us;
2013-10-11: On Shutdown, Waning US Influence, Syrian Showdown;
2013-10-12: MA in Human Rights Education;
2013-10-13: Syria: Executions, Hostage Taking by Rebels;
2013-10-14: Saving African dictators from the ICC;
2013-10-15: Time to get food system back: Farmers locked in pesticide treadmill bring no yield;
2013-10-16: Fighting the Stupid Revolution;
2013-10-17: US: Are Black teachers becoming extinct nationally?
2013-10-18: To Be a Syrian Refugee in Egypt;
2013-10-19: Premalatha’s story – plus HR courses;
2013-10-20: A Nation Brought to the Verge of Ruin;
2013-10-21: The Big Debate;
2013-10-22: Fresh Leak on US Spying: NSA Accessed Mexican President’s Email;
2013-10-23: In Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples;
2013-10-24: World needs to turn plans to end child labour into urgent action;
2013-10-25: The troubled path to Geneva;
2013-10-26: Elusive stability;
2013-10-27: less work,
.mes dessins - moyen grands0001 (19) 30p;
2013-11-06: Congo’s M23 rebels call off revolt;
2013-11-08: Dialogue à Genève: Cultiver la Paix;
2013-11-10: The Kids Britain Doesn’t Want;
2013-11-14: INMANNED America’s Drone Wars;
2013-11-19: The Aristocrats: BBC 1999, Full;
2013-11-22: You Have 28 Thousand Days;
2013-11-26: Computer Hackers;
2013-11-28: la naissance du mal;
2013-12-03: mixed links on my dashboard, in en/fr/de;
2013-12-06: Nelson Mandela – 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013;
2013-12-15: Local Communities vs Economic Development in Ecuador;
2013-12-20: Green Rush: How big agriculture is carving up Africa for industrial farmland;
2013-12-30: Luxemburg, Lenin, Levi: Rethinking Revolutionary History;
2013-12-31: some December-links on my dashboard.
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